Rojisha Shahi Thakuri, Miss Nepal Earth 2013, has proved to be a successful actor with her two movies and has also worked for three years as a VJ. at Kantipur TV. Currently, a student of Clinical Psychology at Tribhuvan University, Rojisha is also working as a presenter and producer at AP1. She’s all set with her new show ‘What’s Trending’ which will be telecast soon. We visited her home for a sneak peak at some of her favorite things that she feels is close to her heart.


I read this book “IQ84” by Haruki Murakami in 2015 and it took me around two months to finish it. However, I found it worthwhile because the main character in that book was very relatable to me and I really got inspired by it. In a similar way, another book “Khabuj” which was originally written by a Malayalam writer is one of my favorites due to the character of the person who has been portrayed as someone very empathetic even during the worst of situations.


This Gucci perfume was given to me on my birthday by Raveena Desraj a few years ago and it’s really close to me. She asked me what I wanted and so I asked her for this. I just love its smell.


This MAC Mehr lipstick is my go-to-lipstick as I’m usually not very fond of lipsticks and I’m basically a lip balm kind of person. If I have to put on lipstick it’s either red or neutral. Since I talk a lot, I end up taking in the lipstick. However, this lipstick stays for a longer time and that’s the reason it’s my favorite.

Bluetooth Headset

I cannot workout without music. I got my Samsung level U because I love to run and do cardio in the gym and when I had wired headphones, I felt quite uncomfortable due to all the sweating. So I don’t think I can go to the gym without my Bluetooth headset ’cause it has made my gym experience very soothing.

This gown is by Rasna Shrestha from ‘Mucefashionalaya’. I bought it from her. I remember wearing it once at an event and I got lots of compliments about how I stood out in yellow. That’s the reason I buy from her and I feel she’s a very good designer.






We had a dog before her but she died and we were so depressed at that time. I thus saved for 2-3 months and got her using my pocket money which I used to get from my dad. She’s seven years old now and we call her ‘Duggu’. She’s a part of our life now.


Makeup Remover
I’m not a very big fan of makeup but I have to wear makeup all the time. So the best part of my day is when I come back home and remove my makeup. This ‘Bioderma’ remover was given to me by one of the dermatologists as I have sensitive skin and this works very well for me.