Sameera Uddin, the Director of Retail Nepal Pvt. Ltd., has always given priority to family and friends rather than materialistic things. She believes that the family is a unique institution that brings people together which in turn brings happiness. Thus she considers items that are close to her heart and soul as her favorites. She reveals to Living some of her favorites that are close to her life:

Children’s portrait

“For any mom, the love for her child is incomparable. These ‘before-after’ pictures of my children bring back all those wonderful memories where I have seen my boys grow up and at times they make me quite emotional. My love for my boys is at an extreme and I can go to any level to protect them.”

Saree & Jewelry

“These are the first ever saree and the jewelry gifted to me by my husband right after our wedding. We didn’t get to have that perfect wedding with our family and friends. It’s because of all the emotions attached that these gifts from him are priceless to me and reminds me of our happy times together.”


“My pet always keeps me cheered up and brightens up my mood whenever I feel bad about anything. At times when I feel low, I just sit with him and I have realized that this gives me the motivation to go on with life. He’s no less than a family member to me.”

The Store

“This is more than just a store for me. It was my dream project which I had always planned in the best way possible. It’s said that you are not known for ‘who you are’, but what you do. Your work brings you respect and I feel my DMK store has proved to be a successful one in this town!”

Family Portrait

“My family has always been my support system throughout my life. My parents were always there when I needed them and today, whoever I am is all because of my parents and family. I just can’t imagine my life without their valuable advice time and again.

“Orange is the new black has been my all-time favorite comedy-drama web series which has always kept me happy. I have literally watched all the episodes and seasons of this series. In fact, I also went so much into characters that each and every part is still in my head.”


“I have got friends who are like family. We have had the best times through our ups and downs. This picture is from our recent trip to Dhaka which is my best trip ever. I just feel blessed to experience this with my friends.”


“Shilpa has been my best friend since we were in grade five. I guess the support she has given me through these years is just great. I wonder what I would have done if she had not been with me during the ups and downs of my life through all these years.”