Shilpa Maskey, who debuted in the Nepali film ‘The Break Up’ opposite Aashirman DS Joshi, showed us that she would make a big impact in the industry with her talent, confidence and charming personality which never fails to impress the audiences. This was evident from her two consecutive hits, “Kagaz Patra” and “Sano Mann” which she managed to achieve in the same year. Maskey reveals to us her favorites among all the items she possesses, each with a story behind it, bringing back fond memories.

Estee Lauder Foundation

“I started using this foundation in 2015 as I had bad skin. The coverage wasn’t sufficient when using any other product. I needed something that could stay longer and this double wear foundation proved its excellence in all the conditions. It stays for almost 12-13 hours and I’ve been using it regularly for 5 years now.”


“I’m not a big fan of perfume. Sometimes, I even forget to wear perfume but when I do, I’ve got selected brands and this one is my favorite. It’s suitable for most of the events and provides me with that refreshed feel wherever I go and with whatever I wear.”


“I hardly get time to read any books because it requires a strong level of dedication to complete one. This book, ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’ by Murakami, was being read by one of my friends when I was in London and when I just read the first two pages, I found it very exciting. So I bought one as soon as I returned home. And the next one was recommended by Rojisha Shahi which is about the glamour world which got me all excited to read.”


“I really like this Dulla bag. It’s quite handy for me and I use it only for selective events like interviews or any important shoots. It makes my whole wardrobe look very fancy and it’s neither that formal nor that informal which provides a perfect add-on look to my attire.”

Childhood pictures

“Well, my childhood pictures show how I loved clicking pictures since my childhood and all these poses show my obsession for that perfect picture. I liked dancing as well, and these pictures have captured all my memories associated with my fun days. In fact, the photo album is mostly filled with my own photographs. I guess my dad got a new camera (laughs).”


“It has very emotional connections to me because I was a student in London when I got this. At that time, I used to do a part time job and I tried to save as much as possible because London as you know is a shopping hub and winter shopping there is always the highlight. Zara was a top brand that I looked up to and when I saw this jacket in the store, I immediately fell in love with the color as it’s so unique. This jacket is my favorite and I also used it in my first movie and since then it became more significant.”


“This brand DW was recently launched and it seemed so stylish then. I was in London at the time and though it was quite expensive, I decided it would be a gift to myself. Still, whenever I wear this, I feel proud as it reminds me of all the hard work and struggles I’ve been through. The next watch was bought for me by my sister as I wanted more of a formal watch and it looks best with formal wear.”


“I got my Stan Smith Shoes in 2015. At that time, I was part of a dance group and used to work in a restaurant and also worked in a clothing store. So, I was required to stand for 7-8 years straight. I needed nice shoes and Stan Smith was so into fashion, I had to get them. It’s so comfortable as well as so very stylish.”