Siwangi Pradhan, a model and now a successful designer running the successful clothing brand ‘Si’ is a dreamer and an achiever in the truest sense. A fashion aficionado, her take on fashion and attitude are on point. Being a self-taught designer, Siwangi has a different definition to luxury and lifestyle and defines them as something that is not just expensive but is of good quality and something that is sensual.

Siwangi shares her personal favorites that are close to her heart with EsparshSarawagi.








My studio “Siwangi Pradhan” is my baby. Place where I just feel myself. I am a very impatient person and cannot sit at one place for a longer time but there I can sit forever and design my heart out.







I have always been a bag lover. While shopping, buying a good bag gives me the ultimate happiness.I have always been a fan of classic bags. Chanel has been one of my personal favorites in bags.Apart from Chanel, I also love Gucci, YSL and Dior.




My Apple TV “Netflix”

I am big-time series lover. Ican watch series whole night, sleepjust fortwo hours and still can watch it again. Whenever I am stressed out, I just start or continue watching series and forget the rest.


Wedding ring

It’s the most important thing in my life which is always there with me connecting to the love of my life.It’s so pretty and elegant that I can stare the ring for hours.






I’m a big-time coat lover. I just love winter and the only reason is that I could wear my coats and jackets. I have a huge collection of coats from Max Mara, Burberry to H&M. I myself love designing long coats.






Small pieces of jewelries

I’m not a heavy jewelry fanatic.However, I really admire small pieces of jewelry. I have my personal favorite ear tops, pendant from Kajal Naina and pearls sets that has been my favorite.





I fancysunglasses. I just cannot go out without my glasses. I should be having about thirty pairs of glasses by now and I still haven’t lost a single pair in my life. I do take care of them full-heartedly. I have glasses from Gucci, Chanel to Ray-Ban,Quay.




I’m kind of person who loves crockery to the ultimate level. I really love collecting crockery. Whenever I am traveling, I make sure to bring back that place’s traditional crockery. I love to host dinner and use my favorite crockery sets.


My Grand Mom’s saree

My grandmother was a very fun-lovingperson. She used to have a huge collection of sarees and I always admiredthem. I asked her a particular peach printed saree which she gifted to me with optimum love. It is very close to my heart. It’s been ten years, I have got that saree and now I intend to pass it to my children