Trishala Gurung needs no introduction when it comes to her soulful singing and cute looks. Currently a medical student, she is quite famous on social media and is one of those singers whose cute looks and musical acumen can make guys go weak on their knees. A perfect example of beauty with brains, Trishala Gurung is famous for her renditions of clssing Nepali and Hindi songs and with her latest release ‘YoMaan’she has garnered much love and adulation across the board.

Trishala shares her personal favorites that are close to her heart with EsparshSarawagi.


Décor artefact

“I really love this stag head which I bought from Index Furniture. For the shooting of my song ‘YoMaan’, I searched some of the items that could work as a decorative item and this was the only article I bought. It also reminds me of the hard work I did for the video of my song.






“I was looking forward to buy myself a kitten heel sing so long and when I saw this pair at Zara, UK, I loved it at a glance and bought it immediately. These kitten heels go with all my outfits and I also wore it at my concert in UK. It also looks good with my formal wears.”



“This bag from Michael Kors is one of my favorite bags that I wanted to buy since a long time. It’s so classy and elegant at the same time, providing me a sense of confidence with whatever I wear.”



Sleep Mask

“It’s been my favorite since very long as I can’t imagine a sound sleep without this. It’s very cute because of the unicorn on it and is comfy at the same time due to the silicon base inside. This mask has always been with me to help me provide a sound sleep.”


Stationery items

“I always loved the notebooks with the cute covers. I have been collecting these stationery for 6-7 years now which includes all my notes of college and other reading materials. I really find them cute and also provides me a motivation to go through them.”



“I bought these earrings two years back from Mango. I have been given really good compliments whenever I wear these earrings and they also go with all my outfits traditional as well as modern. This is why I love wearing these on special occasions.”


Hair Straightener

“This hair straightener from ghd is quite good when compared to other hair straighteners. That is why I use only this brand and has been my savior for all the parties and important events.”






“This outfit is really close to my heart because I wore this at my first ever international show. The character on my t-shirt is from the movie ‘Clueless’ and has my favorite character played by Alicia Silverstone. This is also the reason why I really love this t-shirt and made me like ‘I need this in my wardrobe’ when saw it at ‘Bershka’. This pant I bought from ‘Urban Outfitters’and is very fancy.”




Scented candles

“I love everything that has good smell right from lotion to shampoo. If any product doesn’t have a good perfume, I don’t feel like using that. And these candles are one of my favorites because they do have a very good scent and energize my mood whenever I light hem.”




“This mic from TC-Helicon is very close to my heart as its very good will be always with me in my shows. All the famous singers use this brand and thus I am very excited to use this.”