A complete city with all amenities and luxury of the world.

It had already been more than two weeks since we left Nepal but our enthusiasm for travel was still alive. We boarded the first flight to Singapore from Penang International Airport, Malaysia. Having heard a lot about Singapore; about its rules, urban planning and greenery, I was wondering what it would feel like to explore the ultramodern city. As soon as our flight landed in Singapore, the excitement peaked. Singapore certainly lived up to our expectations - a garden city, green, extremely clean, and very well planned with sharp contrasts between the old streets and the ultramodern skyscrapers. Roaming around was not a problem as the lingua franca was English and people are extremely friendly and helpful besides being so calm and respectful. 

We checked in to our V-Hotel Lavender and freshened up to go to the Singapore Zoo. Passing by the famous animal crossing ecological bridge “Eco-Link@BKE” between two wildlife reserves, we reached the zoo in the northern part of the island in no time. It has a beautiful wildlife park setting, where animals roam freely in the open with special elevated platforms, underwater galleries, live shows and glass observatories incorporating the most distinctive global wildlife of the world. It includes Polar bears, white tigers, giraffes and penguins to name a few. Spending most of our day exploring the 26-hectare wildlife park, we then made our way to Little India. We spent some time exploring the place and had dinner at an Indian Restaurant, before heading for Marina Bay, the throbbing heart of Singapore.  We had our photos taken with Singapore’s national Icon, the mythical Merlion. We were lucky enough to witness a 13-minute Wonder Full: light and water show, with amazing convergence of light, music and sound with the stunning Singapore’s city skyline and the Marina bay sands lit up in the background bombarding my visual senses. With a perfect symphony between the dusk and the laser lights, the entire surrounding was so mesmerizing that I can’t find words to describe the experience. 

The following morning was a lazy one; we planned to go to Sentosa Island, a carefully planned man-made island with a world class amusement park, wonderful beaches, luxury resorts and subterranian casinos . There is something for everyone. It is connected to the mainland by almost every form of transportation that one can think of. We spent some time at the Siloso Beach and other small islands, I still remember the sound of the sea crashing and forming white frothy foam. We then booked a ticket to explore the island’s various parts by cable car which gave us a priceless panoramic view of the harbor area and the city as a whole. 

Taxi drivers were very friendly, respectful and polite, rides would not last longer than 20 minutes but we would end up being friends, which made me realize how the concept of ‘Attithi Devo Bhavaha’ is binding the world as one big family. We then had our lunch returning to Little India and drove to Orchard Road, the Mecca of luxury shopping in Singapore with its magnificent malls, designer stores and specialty shops. Then we were back at our hotel and checked out for the airport as it was time that to bid goodbye to Singapore. 

Changi airport is much more than just an airport; it’s a self- sustaining man-made ecosystem. It has so many attractions inside it that we set aside four hours for the airport in our Singapore travel plans. Attractions like specialty gardens, koi ponds, free movie theatres and facilities like free electric foot massagers, easy reclining lounge and carpeted floors throughout the airport makes it the current best airport in the world. It felt as if I were in a big shopping complex rather than in an airport at Changi.  

What I learned on this trip was that a mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions; Singapore’s sprawling lush greenery and amazing things from sea life to natural habitat are worth admiring.  Of course, two days were not enough to see everything. Singapore is a highly advanced city with all amenities and every luxury one can dream of in this world. I can’t wait to go back.