What shoes you wear really determines your style and personality. There are so many options when it comes to choosing shoes, that it seems almost unlimited. But ironically, that’s what makes it difficult to decide what you want to wear for any occasion. Here’s a rundown on the best footwear for various occasions.


First on the list is Vans. For a casual stroll around town or any time you leave the house, these kicks are a step up from your basic white sneakers. Once reserved for skaters, Vans have added a contemporary flair to their brand with designs like the “Old Skool.” These shoes fit any situation. Especially in Nepal, the road conditions make it difficult to make your shoes last very long. For bikers, it is really hard to not ruin your shoes; however Vans have designed their shoes with long lasting durability. These shoes will last you years even if you are regularly riding your bike around town. Vans are also perfect for a night out with friends, making them casual, yet comfortable.

Oxford Shoes

The second option you have is oxford shoes. We have not given you a brand because you can decide what brand suits you the best. However, Oxford shoes are best for any formal occasion. The origin of this kind of shoes is not consensual but they are thought to have been developed around the 1800’s by students who were looking for a more comfortable pair of formal shoes. These are classic timeless shoes that fit any formal occasion, like a business meeting, a company party, a wedding or even a funeral. Put together with a classic 2-piece suit, and style and elegance will take over you.

Desert Boots

Desert boots can be considered as casual or semi-formal. However, in general, boots give off a certain sophisticated look for fashionable men. At first, they appeared for men with hard-working tasks. However, now they have been developed more into fashion. You can pair these boots with any outfit, as they look good with a pair of jeans or dress pants. A pair of these boots can be your go-to wear for dining out, watching a show, or any weekend activity. These are durable and suited for most harsh conditions in Nepal. Another reason why these shoes work for most occasions is their robust and simple design. Overall, these shoes are suited for the challenging conditions in Nepal.

Loafer Shoes

Loafers are slip-on shoes, which means with absolutely no laces, buckles or other types of fastenings. These shoes started as simple and minimalistic, but now they have become one of the most popular shoes without lacing. They are comfortable and stylish, and ultimately perfect to take to work or for a night out. Since they are lace-less shoes, they are an amazing option for the summer. You can pair these with dress pants, jeans or even shorts. No matter the outfit, you will look smart and trendy for the summer.


Similar to the Vans, Converse has been in the market for years. This shoe has not been out of style since it came out in 1908. They can be worn for any occasion as they can be paired with any type of clothing. They also provide comfort along with style. We believe that these shoes should be part of any man’s closet, as it can be worn to any event. Durability is also another factor that comes with the Converse. They can last you a while, which is why we recommend them to you. Another unique thing about Converse is that they create an exclusive vibe after they are worn out, thus making them last longer than normal footwear.

Running Shoes/Trainers

This is another type of footwear that is very essential for every man to have in his closet. Although they are mainly worn to the gym or while doing any kind of physical activity, you can also rock these kicks on an average day out. Trainers are usually durable since they are made for physical abuse. With the durability also comes comfort. Since these shoes are designed for running or other forms of sports, you can be certain that they are going to be comfortable. The best thing about trainers is that they come in all brands, so one can purchase whichever brand suits them the best.


This is a type of footwear that most people tend to use in a more relaxed fashion. You can use these to relax and let your feet breath. There really is no better option for that other than slippers. They are not just a comfortable type of summer footwear they are also available in several colors and styles, so that customers can find the perfect fit for themselves. Although these cannot be worn for any occasion, they are the best for a relaxed day anywhere. You can pair them with jeans or shorts, and it will always look good. Overall, these are the best options for staying relaxed in the summer and beat the heat.


This type of footwear is similar to slippers; however, there are a few differences. The main difference between slippers and sandals is the back strap. Sandals have a back strap that supports the heel, whereas slippers do not. This type of footwear fits anyone who prefers the back strap rather than no strap. These can be worn with jeans and shorts. However, similar to slippers, they are only meant for certain occasions. Both slippers and sandals are footwear that you cannot wear to a formal event. Other than that, they work for any other occasion. Sandals are also the perfect way to get your feet to relax and give them plenty of air to breath.