Most of us fail to comprehend the concept that a washroom can be a place of decor and creativity. But there are creative minded individuals who with their fertile imagination can change your attitude towards that much neglected space in your house. Here are ways to give your bathroom what it deserves.

Increasing the size of the bathroom tiles
The new trend for increasing the size of bathroom tiles is now really popular in the west. Using bigger tiles in your bathroom floor helps to create an illusion that your bathroom is big and spacious. It also helps to decrease the amount of dirt and dust getting stuck in between the tiles, therefore making it more hygienic and a better choice.

Including a media outlet
Including a media outlet such as a TV or an Xbox in bathrooms is now a new trend amongst many people. Catching up with the world while you’re getting ready for the day or playing games whilst bathing has definitely made the entire bathroom experience fun as well as a luxury.

Floor heating system and towel warmers
Having a floor heating system and a towel warmer not only makes your everyday life more comfortable but promises somewhat of a better life. This luxurious trend that allows your toes to get warm in a cold winter morning and having hot towels can really pamper you. A brilliant floor that warms you from the base up has now become a fad among the upper class. 

Using Extraordinary lighting 
Using varieties of lights such as sensor lights, dimmable lights, colored mood reflecting lights, niche lights, Ring lights and even chandeliers is the latest trend. Lights play a major role while you are getting ready and helps to illuminate your vanity. So, what’s bad in being a little vain and feeling good about yourself? Besides if you don’t like it, you can always move it to your living room.

Wallpapers! wallpapers! wallpapers!
Having interesting patterns and different colors in your bathroom wall makes a huge difference. Using wallpapers in bathrooms has never been that big a trend in the past, but now that water resistant wallpapers are available, using different wallpapers in different walls takes your bathroom to a whole new level. Wallpapers help to shape up your bathroom and give it a theme. 

Enormous Mirrors 
Including a full body length mirror in your bathroom allows you to check your OOTD. This helps a lot while getting ready in the morning or to check out your full body comfortably. This has been a major trend all over the world lately. Everybody likes to look at themselves before going out or to see how you present yourself to the world. This trend almost feels like a bathroom necessity these days. 

The viral trend for welcoming nature into your bathrooms with house plants, orchids, plants under glass cloches, figs etc. has been extremely popular lately. Incorporate the plant to your bathroom theme and it really makes a difference to the aesthetics of your washroom. Some believe that including a small plant in your washroom creates positive vibes and helps you connect to your roots. 

Using designer curtains in the dry parts of the bathroom really makes a difference to the interior of your bathroom. Using shower curtains and other water resistant curtains has been around for a long time, but lately, using designer curtains in those parts of bathroom that don’t get wet has become a trend in modern Europe. It can definitely step up your bathroom game to a new level.

Scented Candles 
Scented candles add a hint of elegance to your bathroom and it also helps to eliminate the unwanted “nasty” smell. Burning a scented candle while bathing helps to create that spa like feeling and makes you more relaxed. Going to Lush for more candles and buying some of their special candles never hurt anyone! 

Hanging a beautiful painting of some place really creates an illusion that your bathroom is wide and spacious. This trick is especially effective for congested bathroom spaces, helping it to seem wider and luxurious.