In the last seven years since its establishment, Woodmaster have remained true to their  name. This up and coming furniture manufacturer combines design and durability, giving clients exactly what they are looking for.

Who doesn’t love coming home after a long tiring day to a beautiful home? That explains why people spend a lot of time, effort and money on furniture that will turn their houses into a cozy little home. But furnishing your dream house is not as easy as it sounds. So, in this issue of Living, we bring you an up and coming name in furniture production here in Nepal.

Woodmaster was established by three partners seven years ago. This furniture manufacturing company originally started out by only producing modular kitchens. Over the years, they have branched out and now produce quality furniture for every room in a residential home, including beds, sofas, tables, modular kitchens and more. 
Woodmaster is a fully manufacturing line that produces high quality furniture here in Nepal. They have a manufacturing facility in Dhapakhel and interested people can check out models of their finished products at their studio in Satdobato.

“Our products are all custom made,” informs Pushpa Thapa, one of the proprietors of Woodmaster, ”We don’t make ready to use products. Instead, we design all our furniture according to the client’s home, room and their individual requirements. We have interior designers who help us create a design that is best suited for each of our customer’s need.”

“We produce every kind of furniture that you will need in a residential home, from beds to sofas to kitchens. We also do commercial projects. Recently, we furnished the entire ground floor of Patale Ban Vineyard Resort when they renovated after the earthquake,” he adds.

According to Thapa, one of the most enduring features of Woodmaster furniture is the combination of design and durability in their products. “We don’t compromise when it comes to quality,” he says, “All our products are of very high quality. Our finishing is equal to that of any imported furniture.”

But they have an advantage over  imported products when it comes to customizing. “Imported furniture usually comes in fixed sizes, shapes and designs, and they can’t be adjusted to our rooms.  We customize each of our pieces according to the client’s requirements. So, what they get is an international standard finished product that is also built to fit their personal needs.”

 “Since we started, we have produced international standard furniture with a high durability factor. Chinese products are flooding the markets today. And while their products have a good finish, they are not known for durability. But people in Nepal are looking for furniture that will last for years and years. And we absolutely guarantee the durability of our products,” explains Pushpa.

“Our products are made from A-grade Nepali plywood with high density which doesn’t easily break or get damaged unlike some products in the markets  that are made with dust wood.. Our products are fully waterproof which is what makes them highly durable. Even our laminates are of 1mm, so they are highly tensile and don’t get damaged easily, “he adds.

As for the traditional furniture that we Nepalis are used to, Thapa doesn’t believe they can compete with imported furniture yet.  “The solid wood furniture that we Nepalis are used to have high durability, but when it comes to design and finishing, these furniture cannot compete with imported ones. However, with our products, we ensure that they meet international standards be it in design or practicality,” he informs.

Woodmaster, besides aiming to provide quality furniture also hopes to encourage local production in Nepal. “What we’re trying to do here at Woodmaster is manufacture furniture that is made locally and which can compete with imported furniture,” says Thapa, “We cannot always depend on other nations for our needs. If we can manufacture high quality furniture in Nepal in large scale, it would not only benefit us, it will also be good for the nation. Which is why, we are working everyday to improve and expand our production line furthermore, we are creating employment opportunities in the country in the context when every other person is going abroad for employment.”

Thapa is quite sure that Woodmaster can fully satisfy Nepali clients looking for stylish and durable furniture for their not only homes offices, hotels etc. “What often happens is that people hear of the cost and they balk at first. But our clients who have stuck with us and let us furnish their homes, have been very satisfied with our work. It makes me glad when our clients recognize us for the quality of our products,” he remarks.

Expanding further on the topic of prices, Pushpa explains, “However, our products have a higher quality and finishing that you wouldn’t get with other high range produced goods. So our clients can rest assured that they’ll get value for their money. But if you compare our prices to imported furniture, our prices are definitely lower.”

“When it comes to prices, we can provide our customers with different quality workmanship; high quality products while comparing with imported brands. but the price is on lower side on hardwares like handles, hinges etc which are not produced in Nepal and have to be imported. They can choose these hardware at a price range they are comfortable with. But when it comes to the furniture itself, we cannot compromise on quality,” he insists.

While Woodmaster is currently only producing customized furniture, they do plan on producing ready to use furniture in the future. “In a few years, we plan to expand our production line to ready-to-use furniture for distribution with retailers all across Nepal,” says Thapa. Plans are also afoot to expand their business to Pokhara and Narayanghat. But as of now, they are quite happy producing high quality customized furniture for not only home.

If you are indeed looking for good furniture, do check out the models at their studio in Satdobato.