“Nothing brings a forgotten memory back to life like a fragrance does”. Perfumes may be invisible but they are surely an unforgettable accessory.

Ancient texts and archaeological excavations show the use of perfumes in some of the earliest human civilizations which clearly show that they can never go out of style. They are your scented slogans and you cannot afford to go wrong with them. Spice up your summer this year with a whole new scent which leaves a faint sense of your presence no matter where you go. Finding a scent that matches the vibe of this summer is really difficult as there are so many options. However, if you want your fragrance to make a statement for you this summer, then these are the scents for you:

Aqua kiss by Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’sSecret is literally every girl’s weakness. For this summer Aqua kiss is the one you need. It is a floral fragrance that just screams tropical, featuring chamomile, aloe vera, sweet notes, freesia, sea notes, daisy and plum blossom and is not like any other fruity sugary scents. Aqua kiss has a misty and soft smell which is not too strong yet a head-turner. It smells aquatic and clean and is surely a VS charm. The scent itself is heavenly and serene with sea and floral notes. The gentle kiss of aloe vera and cucumber sweetened by a hint of daisies is not overwhelming but pleasant instead. This is the perfect scent if you want a soothing fragrance.

Escada - Cherry in the air

Escada continues with the tradition of limited floral fruity scents that have been launched annually from 1993.Inspired by the French landscapes of cycling through the orchards picking up cherries and basking in the summer sun, a memory filled with love and excitement. Cherry in the air is a real treat for the people who love a sour cherry fragrance that stimulates the imagination. Sweet yet sexy, this scent perfectly blends the notes of sour cherry, marshmallow accords and sandalwood. The smell is soft, sensual and warm all in a single spray. It is a magical fruity concoction of delightfulness! Even though cherry is a strong scent, this one is neither overpowering nor is it sickly sweet. Soon after applying it, you will get a blast of cherry scent but soon after that, you can smell raspberry, suede, musk and gardenia. If you want a bold yet sweet scent then Cherry in the air by the Escada is the ideal one!

Warm vanilla sugar by Bath and Body Works

If you want to indulge in a cozy, irresistible scent of vanilla and sheer florals then warm vanilla sugar by Bath and Body Works is the one for you. The top and middle are comprised of intoxicated vanilla, white orchid, sparkling sugar, fresh coconut and jasmines which give out a charming and delightful scent. It is also perfect to be used as a base scent especially in cool mild weather. It is soft and powdery like the icing on a cake and even smells like gourmand vanilla and freshly baked sugar cookies. The smell is a bit different than the rest as this is not as fruity. There is more of a vanilla smell to this perfume than the rest mentioned above. Overall, it is a really warm scent that gives out a pleasant ‘good girl’ vibe.

Beautiful day by Bath and Body Works

If you want to go calmly crazy this summer, then Beautiful day by Bath and Body Works is perfect. The perfume has a blend of daisies, pink peonies, sun kissed apples, sparkling cassis and fresh wood. It is perfect for spring and summer since it gives off fruity and floral fragrances. The top notes consist of apple, pear and black currant while the middle notes are lilies, chamomile and pink peony along with white peach and white wood. This perfume as its name suggests is full of positivity and girlishness. It has great silage and it will make you feel fresh and clean as if you just came out of a long relaxing bath.

Anna Sui’s La Nuit de Boheme

Lose yourself to the gilded romance of Anna Sui’s La Nuit de Boheme Eau de Toilette, an invitation to seduction after dark. Perfect for a dinner date or a night out Anna Sui’s La Nuit de Boheme just sets the right mood. This perfume is all about senseless seduction followed by a romantic and mysterious scent. La Nuit de Boheme is inspired by a mysterious, adventurous muse who lives a charmed nightlife full of beautiful curiosities and interesting people. Magnetic and uncompromising, she is a true creature of the night, wearing her jewels like a glamorous robe. As daylight rescinds, her bohemian realm comes alive in shimmering swathes of gold and this scent transforms your personality similarly. As unforgettable as its muse, the La Nuit de Boheme fragrance opens with a fizz of champagne, complemented with the delectable juice of a blackberry. The floral heart captures a sense of youthful, carefree beauty with rose and lotus flower before darkening into an utterly seductive base, which is rich with golden amber, sensuous patchouli and creamy vanilla orchid.Top notes being Champagne Citrus, Blackberry followed by the heart notes of Topaz Hinoki Incense, Lotus Flower, Rose Petal and the base notes of Cedar wood, Golden Amber Resin, Patchouli and Haitian Vanilla Orchidthe. La Nuit de Boheme fragrance is perfect if you want to smell mysterious and royal.