Shop until Your Feet Hurts

What’s a festival if you don’t shop until your feet hurts. As the festival comes near, the demand for new clothes and accessories increases accordingly. Call it a tradition or a fashion, during the festival season and especially when it’s Dashain, it is always linked with new clothes for everyone in the family. As the festival nears, you begin to see shop windows adorned with ‘SALE’ signs. Providing so many offers and discounts, the vendors try to make the deals as tempting as possible, to attract more customers.

From brands to non-brands, every shop has its own packages for the customers. It might seem quite difficult to find what you are looking for, but with so many options around town, in the end you will get what you want. Just make sure that you visit the stores as soon as the sales start, so that you don’t have limited choices. A reminder to the shopaholics; be careful when you buy stuff, as you won’t be able to exchange or get a refund for what you bought  at the sale.  So ladies, drop your heels, slip into a pair of flipflops, and shop until your feet hurts.