They say trust is the most important thing in the world – and more so, when it comes to an investment that’s supposed to last forever. And jewelry is just the kind of investment, where you invest not only your money but also your trust. Buying your jewelry is more about the reassurance on the value. And perhaps there are very few who can claim to provide you with the assurance than Neelam Gahana – who’ve been in the game for over 24 years – back when diamonds were for showing-off. Now it’s fashion and lifestyle.

And so, when you buy a piece or a set from Neelam, you’ll need no other reassurances, their word is as good as gold. Sure, you’ll get a certificate of genuine-ness, but just ask their regular customers, and you’ll know that trust is earned. Neelam Gahana specializes mostly in gold and diamond jewelry, but you can also consult them for the other 9 gems of the Navaratna – ruby, pearls, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, hessonite, and cat’s eye besides diamonds. Their diamonds come from Africa and Israel, which are cut in India and brought here, for them to be designed into jewelry.

Neelam Gahana caters to a wide range of customers. You can either get your own custom-made designs or choose from their exquisite collection. If you lack enough knowledge about diamonds or jewelry, they can be your consultants. Just like the jewelries that last forever, your relations with them will too.

Neelam Gahana (Ground Floor and 1st Floor)

Contact: 01-4224132, 01-4250083

New Road, Kathmandu