Yuvash Vaidya plays the keyboards in the jazz/fusion trio Con-tusion, who won the 'Jazz for the Next Generation' at Jazzmandu this year. Vaidya has been a part of numerous musical projects, including the progressive rock band Stairs of Cirith.
Sanzip Rai started playing guitar when he was fourteen. By nineteen he was playing almost every musical instrument.
Dedicated to underground music and a firm believer in how eastern music can be taken to a higher level; Anil Dhital the founder of the band Lakhey, member of the band E.quals and former member of Bhumi
A child with a spiritual bonding is how he describes himself. Converting the spiritual energy into his art forms, Bijay Maharjan believes in the power every object transcends. I absolutely work with that vibe and power.
Grace and simplicity are two words that instantly pop up in our heads when we hear her name or see her in person.
A dimpled left cheek and a tattoo reading 'DJ Phucchey' on his right forearm are some of the physical attributes of Nikun Shrestha a.k.a. 'DJ Phucchey'.
Currently doing his bachelor's in Filmmaking at Oscar International College at Jaya-Bageswori, Nischal Basnet is a young upcoming director.
A film maker by profession, Kshitiz Adhiraj is the Chief Program Coordinator at Docskool, a network of film makers and the Festival Director of Nepal Cine Symposium, a film and arts event that is to be held from 18-22 November this year.
If Bollywood has SRK we have our own RBK; Raj Ballav Koirala. He started his career as a radio host before moving into music videos, modeling and acting. He first starred in Nepali feature film Parkhi Basen.
Sugam Pokhrel needs no introduction. The 1MB (One Man Band) reverberated through the hearts of every music lover a decade earlier with his chart-topper "Mero Sansar" and "Pheri tyo Din". He has almost finished his latest album "Silanyas" and is planning to set up a studio of his own.

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