Pallavi Dhakal
July 17, 2011

This time Pallavi Dhakal, the most sought-after model and media personality, is in the hot seat. And she sure spilled some beans.

Do you think the world will really come to an end in 2012?
Mayan calendar might suggest so but I continue living my life without sweating over it. Eventually we all must die.

What is the biggest risk you have taken till date?
I’ve heard luck follows the brave who take risk and honestly I haven’t been very lucky. However, the future looks different. You can read between the lines.

Do you dread old age?
No I don’t. Getting old gracefully is something I will accept and enjoy.

What’s your proudest career moment?
Working for International Committee of the Red Cross was very close to my heart. The position that I hold at Image Channel as a Deputy Executive Producer is also a career milestone but the proudest is yet to come.

Favorite Brand
I like clothes from Guess, Miss Sixty, River Island and Next. I also prefer H&M and Gap when I don’t have much to spend. As for shoes and bags I prefer Aldo and Office, good and affordable.

If you could bring back something from the past, what would it be?
As people get older they become bitter through experiences. If I could bring back anything it would be my innocence.

Your biggest wish.
To rise above and go beyond everything and anything.

What do you enjoy doing on a typical sunny day?
When in London, I loved to go to parks. A day in a beach would be fun as well. In Nepal, on a typical sunny day, I prefer ice tea over a good conversation.

Did you have nicknames as a kid? What were they?
Yes all sorts, my parents and relatives were very creative. Kanchu, Kaili, Pallu, Pallaghare, Heera Panna, Moti were some of them.

Do celebrities promote brands or vice versa?
I think brands promote celebrities more than they promote brands at least in Nepal. But we are getting better at it slowly.

Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter for sure! I find tweets more intellectual, open and smart.

One superpower you wish you had…
I wish I had the power to go back in time and influence history. I would have stopped world wars, holocaust, tsunami, slavery and even in Nepal I would have stopped internal armed conflict and the Royal Massacre.

You have a weakness for…

The people I love. I think we all do. Heart does not do what the head wants.

A secret you want to share with LIVING…
I am an open book. I wish I had secrets. It would make life more thrilling.

You would rather be dead than…
Living a life without Passion and Ambition.

What programs are you following on TV?
News and views from Aljazeera, Music of Your Choice, South Park and Dexter.

Pallavi Dhakal as a Model or as a VJ?
Pallavi Dhakal as a Producer and a Social Worker.

Three men you’d love to date
I would love talk to Mr. Wael Ghonim about his peaceful revolution through social network to overthrow Mubarak, over an Egyptian Hukka, go cycling with Lance Armstrong and get inspired and work out and burn calories with Cristiano Ronaldo while admiring his physique.

A cartoon character you want to play...
I want to experience being the lazy dumb Homer Simpson that he is.


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