What is style to you? 

 In simple term, Style is expressing yourself through what you wear, it refers to a unique form of clothing or way of arranging your appearance. 

Between style and comfort, what would you choose?

Both are equally important to me, but I would not like to sacrifice my comfort just for the style. Yes, without comfort we cannot carry anything properly, so wearing a comfortable outfit in style is more of my thing. 

What’s your signature wear?

Suits with cufflinks and pocket square.

Brands you would never say no to

LV, Armani and Gucci.

Who would you want to swap your wardrobe with?

Johnny Depp & David Beckham.

Your biggest fashion peeve.

Too much bling .

What advice would you give to men and women on styling themselves?

Be experimentative with clothes because you will never know what looks best on you until and unless you reach out to new things. Also be mindful about comfort with whatever you wear because that’s important. 

A few tips for men to stay warm yet stylish this winter.

Must have for men for this winter are Overcoats, Gloves, High neck Sweaters, Ripped Jeans and Boots in their wardrobe.

Do you follow the current fashion trends?

I do keep myself updated with the latest style, new trends, what’s in and out of fashion, but I definitely like to create my own style rather than just follow them.

What are your views on coffee and winter?

Coffee and winter mornings go hand in hand if you are a coffee person!!!