Gitanjali Karki

“I never get bored of filming makeup tutorials or talking about my favorite products on YouTube. When my supporters say my videos are so helpful, that’s the best feeling for me. It gives me a sense of achievement,” says Gitanjali. She always wanted to do something interesting, something fun as a profession, which she is doing right now.

What’s your inspiration for your daily looks? Would you do some makeup that’s special for the season? (Fall)
Changes in weather means it’s time to update your wardrobe and beauty routine. I like experimenting with richer pigments in the fall because in summer that would have melted off. Dewy finish and hydrating formula is a perfect match for cooler temperatures. Swap your peachy nude lips for berry lips. Fall is the perfect season to introduce some drama into your makeup.

Do you have suggestions for daily skin care when entering the fall?

Fall is the best time to rejuvenate and repair your skin by correcting any summer damage and preparing your complexion for winter. Use a creamy thick cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin. My favorite is cetaphil gentle cleanser. Try an oil based scrub. You can get the exfoliating benefit with the extra bonus of hydrating oils.  Moisturize every single day. I can’t stress this enough if you want to keep your skin at its best; you must hydrate your skin on a daily basis. My favorite moisturizer is Clinique, a dramatically different moisturizing lotion. So to prevent all these add all these steps and also don’t forget to drink tons and tons of water because water is essential to maintain the optimum skin moisture.

What about hair care? Do you have some hair care products to recommend or tips for our readers?

It is vital to add oils which will deeply condition your hair and give it lots of healthy shine. My favorite hair oil is coconut oil because it’s rich and thick that will give back the shine to your hair. You can also use a good treatment cream. Apply hair serum on wet hair to avoid freeziness. My favorite is strexargan serum.

Hair serum helps your hair to stay nice and shiny all day long. I use this streax pro hair serum when my hair is wet which leaves it looking so shiny and soft; absolute favorite and highly recommended.

Always massage your hair with coconut oil before you shower and when you are in the shower. After a shampoo, use a good treatment cream that will deeply moisturize your hair . I use this hair art keratin care cream as my conditioner. My hair is not that dry and not how it used to be before.

Especially in the fall, I don’t like doing harsh contouring because we already use richer eyeshadow and dark berry lips. So I prefer using a light weight bronzer . For that sun kissed look my favorite is Benefit hoops bronzer hehe I have a lot of favorites.

I was not a very big fan of blushes before, but one day I randomly did my makeup. I used Milani baked blush in luminoso and absolutely fell in love with blushes. Perfect peachy stain blush for all skin types.

Everybody loves that dark deep berry lips in the fall and so do I. When wearing dark lip color like this you have to be very careful. If you over do dark shades, it can look patchy throughout the day. So always start with a thin layer, don’t use 100s of coats when applying liquid matte lipstick .One of my favorite lipsticks for the fall is also faced liquid lipstick in drop dead red. A little bit pricey but it’s worth it.

It’s vital to add oils which will deeply condition your hair and give it lots of healthy shine. My favorite hair oil is coconut oil because it’s rich and thick that  gives back the shine to your hair.

Especially when the seasons change, our skin tends to get dry and flaky . Our skin need more hydration. You can add a good facial mist to your skin care regime; my personal favorite is Mario badescu rose water facial mist

When Jacylin Hill became my favorite youtuber I had to support her by buying her palette . Since then this is my ride or die eye shadow palette . If you want an all rounder eyeshadow palette with good quality, get your hands on this one. This palette has the most perfect warm tone shades which suits almost all skin tones.


Norchen Lama

“I am very self obsessed and love talking to myself and talking about myself in front of the camera. Makeup is an art and Youtube makeup column is a beautiful community with a lot of creative and talented people. To be a part of this community is like a dream to me. Being able to express and tell people what I truly love and believe in is very exciting.”

What’s your inspiration for your daily looks? Would you do some makeup especially for the season? (Fall)

I believe the fall is all about warm tones and hot lattes! I have always been a  big fan of burgundy lips and peachy / orangey eye looks. Warm blushes, bold burgundy lips and peachy eyes and golden highlighter! These colors come to my mind when I think about the fall.  

Do you have some suggestions for daily skin care when entering the fall? 

My skin type is dry and I easily develop patchy dry skin during colder months. Moisturizer and green tea oil are always in my daily skincare routine. Sometimes I even spot treat my dry patches by applying Vaseline/ petroleum jelly directly on the face which is extremely gentle on the skin and very moisturizing, my other go-to product that fights dry skin is Aloe Vera gel. I also suggest using sheet masks twice a week for more hydration and moisture.


What about hair care? Do you have some haircare products to recommend or tips for our readers?

Olive oil can do wonders. I leave it as an overnight hair mask and wash it in the morning. My hair feels extremely soft and silky the next day. Livon hair serum has also been one of my favorite hair products! It helps me control my crazy frizzy hair!

This is one of my favorite lipsticks. Deep pink and matte shades are perfect for the Fall. 

This is my favorite after wash hair product. It controls my frizzy hair and makes it really soft and smooth. Its smell is also very pleasing. I apply it on my wet hair and massage it gently, run my fingers through my hair and once it’s dry I get soft smooth hair. I even use it before straightening my hair because it also claims to be heat treatment.

It isn’t very pigmented which is good because you can easily go overboard with blushes if the blush is too pigmented and make yourself look like a clown. The shade is also very pretty.

It’s a very famous palette by Morphe in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. One of the most popular beauty bloggers. One downfall of buying genuine products here is that you have to pay double the actual amount or sometimes even more, but it’s worth every penny. You can get 35 beautiful shades in a palette: cool tones and warm tones. You also get the best of both worlds including a lot of matte shades, shimmery and metallic shades so I don’t want to complain.