As spring arrives along with the upcoming wedding season, it’s time to start planning for that perfect bridal makeup, whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid. Of course, this isn’t an easy feat. One has to find a look that is not only complimentary to your outfit, but also one that appears as good by the end of the day as it did in the first hour, which could be a good twelve hours if you happen to be the bride.

I met up with two makeup artists and bridal experts at Lakme Salon in Labim Mall, to get their take on makeup for both the bridal and spring season. The recently opened Lakme Salon offers many services from makeup to grooming. If you’re in a rush to get ready for this wedding season, then you should definitely check it out. They offer a bridal package, where you get to choose from four kinds of services, each including hair and saree draping. Their bridal makeup package also includes the use of airbrush makeup from high end brands such as Krylon, to give you the perfect flawless finish for eighteen hours.

When you’re looking for products to use for your bridal makeup, go for products that have higher coverage and will give you a higher pay off throughout the day. This is true, especially for skin, as your skin does in fact eat your makeup and you do not want to wake up the next morning with breakouts all across your face. So, for skin products like foundation and concealer, it’s worth breaking the bank a little as the end result makes it all worthwhile.

“For bridal, we have two different kinds of airbrush. We use high end brands for our makeup, because the extra money spent does give you good results in the end. The airbrush gun gives you a smoother finish, more coverage and also lasts eighteen hours,” says the make-up artist of Lakme Studio.
In contrast to Bridal makeup, the Spring makeup focuses more on the subtle rather than the all-out glamour of Bridal. “Unlike in bridal, where you wear more dark and bold colors with heavy eyeliner, Spring focuses on the dewy fresh look”, they add.

With a more colorful look, Spring is all about the lighter shades such as minty greens, soft peaches, pastel pinks, baby blues and natural nudes. When asked about their personal favorites, the makeup artists reply, “Blue for eyes, especially for brown eyes. Blues such as turquoise really compliments that eye color. In addition to that, blues generally go well with most eyes and it can actually be considered a universally suitable eye shadow color. Another color that is subtle and suitable for the spring is peach, very subtle and very feminine.” Another aspect to Spring makeup is that it should be long lasting as the weather can have an adverse effect.

“But in the end, rather than following trends, it depends on what looks best on your face and what you feel the most confident with. As long as you use good products that work for you and you should be fine”, say the makeup artists from Lakme Salon in Labim Mall.