Daljit Sudan got married in 1988 straight after her graduation and moved to Kathmandu. She was soon immersed in her family life and work, but she managed to find time for social work and spent 15 years in this field. But a natural inclination towards painting and designing led her to designing professionally and she has subsequently showcased her creations at many fashion shows. Sudan’s style veers towards simplicity mixed with elegance and minimalism.

How do you manage to look so elegant all the time? 
I think there is no secret behind it! It’s the simplicity in how I dress and show my style.

What fashion advice would you give to your younger self?
Just be comfortable in whatever you wear! Don’t be shy and always keep your head held high. Be simple, beautiful and just be you!

How has your definition of fashion evolved over the years?
I think we learn every day from our surroundings and change is always constant. This can be applied to fashion as well. I always take a lot of inspiration from nature. Since the time I started designing, the level of fashion in Nepal has also changed and that makes me very happy.
Name one fashion trend that you would like to bring back.
I wouldn’t want to bring back any particular trend. On that note, I think comfort has definitely come back. Earlier people would wear things that would make them uncomfortable. I think it’s a good thing that comfort is back in fashion!
A beauty regime you swear by.
I believe that the most important thing is that you need to be connected to your inner self and your soul. The beauty lies within and it radiates when you have beautiful thoughts. 
Your favorite shopping destination.
I am not much of a shopaholic. Where I see something good I pick it up; there is no particular place that I prefer, so it could be anywhere.

What would be your prized possession?
Some of my ornate jewelry pieces.

What can we find in your handbag?
I always carry hand lotion, as I am very particular about my skin.
Your favorite perfume.
Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder.
Some of your favorite designers.
I like all the people who design good clothes. I cannot be biased because everyone has their own creative vision! Nepal has very good upcoming designers like Manish Rai, Siwangi and many others.

Your biggest fashion obsession?
I like collecting both bags and shoes! And during the winter season I like collecting jackets.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a personal style statement. It doesn’t mean following trends, it’s more about feeling comfortable in what you wear.