Well known as the host of the Nepali talk show ‘Call Kantipur’ that aired on Kantipur Television for 10 years, Suraj Singh Thakuri is a television presenter, actor, director and producer. Successfully running his new show, ‘It’s my show’ for 6 months now, Suraj Singh Thakuri has already grabbed much attention with his style and confidence.

Suraj Singh Thakuri reveals his fashion secrets to Living and gives some tips related to fashion.

What is fashion to you?

Fashion is about being confident when you meet people. It’s the first phase after which you start getting comfortable with people when you talk to them. When you know you smell good, when you know you are wearing the right attire, your mind automatically starts working well and thus the entire meet goes well.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Physique, color selection and comfortability.

What is your go-to-style choice for formal and informal events?

I’m always in jeans. After passing my SLC, I never wore a tie and not even at my wedding (laughs). However, for ‘It’s my show’, I learnt how to wear a tie with Bhushan dai. He is my style icon and I have never seen him going wrong with fashion. Even if it’s a formal event, I wear jeans with a blazer. For evening events, I wear dark clothes with a blend of formal and informal attire. When I come to work, I’m required to move a lot, so I make sure I wear light shoes.

What would we find in excess in your wardrobe?

I have more than 20-25 pairs of jeans, 50 plus t-shirts, socks and jackets. At present, I’m more into ties.

Which are some of your favorite places to shop?

I don’t buy my clothes in Nepal. I usually travel to different places each year and I make sure to get myself sufficient stuff that will suffice for the next six to seven months. I guess it’s been more than 15 years since the last time I bought a pair of jean in Kathmandu. The shops here in Kathmandu have still not been able to develop that trust in me.

One style item you would never wear?

I guess I will never wear those loose baggy jeans in my life.

Three men with an exceptional sense of style.

For me, there are only two. Bhusan Dahal and David Beckham.

Top five essentials every man should have in his wardrobe.

  • Undergarments as fashion relates to health.
  • Shoes for every kind of attire
  • Good watches
  • Perfume
  • Socks

How do you accessorize your look?

Depends upon the function I’m attending. However, people know me for my rough look. I guess it’s been 15 years since I’ve clean-shaved my beard.

One thing that makes you look sexy?

I feel it’s the way I carry myself. I am who I am and that’s what people like about me.

A favorite color that is prominent in your wardrobe.

Probably, black and red. For a change, I also like pink, although people call it a feminine color.

Who would you want to swap your wardrobe with?

I would want to exchange my wardrobe with few of the richest personalities so that I could change my style with his through his money(laughs).

Most experimental outfit you have worn?

It’s the formal look I tried for ‘It’s my show’ where I wore a tie as well. Before that, I’d never clicked a picture in a suit and tie. But, I took a risk and ran a show wearing it and people appraised me as well.

Your preferred brands?

 I like ‘Class ‘and Dr. Martens for shoes, Gucci for belts, Levi’s and Diesel for jeans, Burberry for shirts and Calvin Klein and Armani for t-shirts. I guess I have been attached to Dr. Martens for the past twenty years. At present, I’m buying a lot of Under Armour kits.

Two things women find irresistible in men.

Hairstyle or facial hair and shoes.

Personality tips for young men aiming to be stylish.

It’s necessary for men to focus on their physique so that all attire can suit them perfectly. For wearing good clothes, it’s essential to have a good body. Next, experimenting with your hairstyle is also something that can help a lot to discover what can perfectly suit you.