As a groom, it becomes a challenge to choose the best attire for yourself while also maintaining your unique style. Above all, what matters most is how you manage your wedding wardrobe. Karan Chaudhary, who recently got hitched with Bidharti Pokhrel, shares some fashion tips for grooms based on his experience and discloses how to keep it simple and vintage.

How important is ‘playing with fashion’ for grooms?

It is more of a cliché. People do manage to get married with a small budget of Rs. 10,000 as well but also with a budget of 10 Crores. So, it’s just about how many zeros you add at the end. The simple philosophy here is we get married once so why not do it in style. You earn to spend for yourself but it doesn’t mean that you spend it so wildly that you have nothing left. So, I spent quite a good amount on my wedding attire.

Describe your personal wedding style in three words.

Royal, regal and spotless.

What were your style choices for different wedding ceremonies?

It was not only me deciding because I also had to look at what my wife was wearing. I could not wear something that did not go with what she was wearing. My designer Ashish N. Soni handled everything very well. For the sangeet, I wore a maroon sherwani with gold embroidery and a button, enclosure front open with drape kurta underneath and bottom to match the embroidered shoes. For the wedding, it was a white jacquard fully embroidered pearl sherwani with a red kurta underneath and churidar. And, finally for the reception, an onion pink Banarasi silk achkan with antique silver swarovski work all over, kurta and bottom to match.

What was the secret behind your excellent wedding attire?

My designer Ashish N Soni was a very different person all together. He adopted the traditional- contemporary theme but he knew how to blend that with someone’s personality. So, being a tall person, he dressed me in a way which made me looked even taller. He also played with my body very well making sure the clothes never bulged out.

One style item that you ignored during your wedding to break from tradition?

People use a lot of gold. The groom is in fact known to have a lot of gold while wearing his wedding outfit. I thought gold was a little cliché, so I didn’t use any gold.

Three things every groom should disregard during his wedding?

All I say is: Focus on yourself, do what you like and don’t think of what others might think about you. Just enjoy the moment.

One experimental style outfit that you tried in your wedding that turned out quite well?

Jodhpurs; I am an avid horse rider but I am not known to wear Jodhpurs that bulge out a lot and Ashish was very insistent on that. That turned out really well.

Your inspiration for this big-fat wedding.

The whole idea of this wedding was Sabhya Tatha Bhabhya. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The only reason why it turned out this way was because I knew a lot of people in Nepal and I couldn’t help it. I wanted this wedding to be unique like no one had done before. However, the reason for the location and everything else would be my dad because his was the first ever wedding hosted at Soaltee Crown Plaza. So, it was more of a sentimental attachment for me, to do it there as well.

Top essentials every groom should have in his wedding wardrobe.

  • Suitable underwear as you will be sitting all the time and you need to feel comfortable.
  • Perfumes
  • Small accessories like a brooch or anything that provides a regal touch.

      Which was the most expensive outfit in your wedding?

It was my reception outfit as I don’t wear watches and I wear a simple ring. So, I guess that would be the most expensive item.

Whom do you give credit to for helping you discover your personal sense of style?

All the credit goes to Ashish because I gave him complete freedom to design whatever he felt would look good on me. He designs for everyone in the Indian fraternity so I told him that I wouldn’t interfere in any of his decisions.

What personality tips do you want to give to all the men out there who want a classy personality?

Choose to wear an outfit which you feel will suit your physique and don’t just go for designer stuff that may not be suitable.