A media and communication specialist at a health communication project funded by USAID, Moon Pradhan believes that style looks good only when you can carry it off. “Something that looks good on a runway model may look terrible on you, so it’s best to go for something that you feel comfortable in.”

You’d be usually caught wearing…

Dark jeans and casual tees (pullover and jacket if winter).


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as very casual and comfortable.


Prized possession in your wardrobe…

Right now, it is a Calvin Klein trench coat in black. It is not very expensive but the fact that it was love at first sight for me and my friends and that it took a lot of effort to get it from the US makes it my prized possession.


A combination that never lets you down…

Blue jeans, black top and black shoes. Never fails me.


One article in your wardrobe that you never get tired of and why…

Blue jeans; you can wear it casually or style it up for the evening. All you need is the right accessories. Wear high heels and long earrings or long chain on the neck and you are ready for a party. And if you are feeling more like “girlfriends sit together and chat” then just wear ballerinas and casual tees/pull-over and you are ready.

Who would you want to swap your wardrobe with? 

I have my own style and I haven’t seen anyone on screen that I would like to swap my wardrobe with. However, my close friends and cousins do own a few pieces of wardrobe that I wish I owned.

Your preferred brands…

I am not a brand loyal person. The pieces that I wear right now (which are branded), are from H&M, Mango, Zara, CK and M&S.


3 styling ways for men and women this winter …


Pants with fur inside, poncho coat (love this new trend), and boots (ankle length if you want to look tall).


Regardless of whether you wear jeans or formal, pair them with boots, muffler and button-down coat.


Do you follow the current fashion trends?

I do check out what’s in. However, whether I buy the same depends on how comfortable I feel in them.


What’s changing in terms of fashion and styling from your point of view in Nepal?

Nepal has always been a fashionable country (at least in the urban areas). What’s changed is how early young people start wearing trendy clothes. I see young girls aged 9-10 wearing clothes that I would have expected teenagers to be wearing. Also, older people (like me) are sticking to our fashionable clothes and managing to look younger much longer.


Which one do you favor most? (Traditional or western Clothing)

This is all a matter of occasion. I prefer western clothing for regular wear and traditional clothing for special occasions.