Rajeshwor Raaz Shrestha, the co-owner of Ratna Raaz Luxury Tailoring and ‘Style Men Do’, is one of those passionate entrepreneurs who have taken suits and suit-wearing to another level. For him, it’s not just about wearing suits but rather about wearing it in a way that suits you. Enthusiastic about fashion since early childhood, Raaz has many years of experience in the field and has worked with brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Nike and Sketchers. He has been appreciated for the way he dresses and pairs up his outfits. Shrestha discloses some of the secrets behind his elegant personality and his fashion sense.

What is fashion to you?

I’ll say fashion for me is all about suits. But it depends on how you blend it, which includes the color combination and the purpose of wearing a suit.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Simple, elegant and bespoke.

Your go-to-style choices for various events?

Anywhere I go, I’m in my suit. If it was possible, I would wear a suit to bed. I wear my suits depending on the purpose. If it’s a morning meeting or breakfast, I’ll wear a dark and bright shade coat. If it’s a day-time meeting, I prefer wearing charcoal, grey, navy and other dark colors and stripes. I see people who are going for weddings wearing stripes, but that’s getting the concept wrong as stripes are actually meant for business. If it’s some parties, I prefer solid colors.

What’s your favorite pattern in suits?

When it comes to checks, I prefer the European pattern as they have a good blend of green, red and other earthy tones.

One style item you would never wear.


Name three men with an exceptional sense of style.

Tom Ford, Tom Hardy and Conor McGregor. All of them wear suits in a very elegant manner. Locally, I pick my client Suhrid Jyoti, who also wears suits most of the time and I find him carrying them very well.

Top essentials every man should have in his wardrobe.

Five suits, five pairs of shoes, watch, perfume and ties.

Your favorite colors in your wardrobe?

I’m the kind of person who loves playing with colors. I can wear anything including a pink suit; I know how to combine them so that my outfit looks subtle. However, my favorite is charcoal and navy.

How do you accessorize your look?

Ring, watch, cufflinks, tie bars and sometimes bracelet.

Your preferred brands?

Well, if you talk about suits, shirts, tie pins, it’s obviously Ratna Raaz. Coming to shoes, I mostly wear Dulla. I also wear from ‘Mad About Shoes ‘and recently got myself a blue navy loafer which is really good.

Most experimental outfit you have worn?

Dhaka suit! In fact, I was the one who kind of pioneered this concept of wearing suits made of Dhaka. The inspiration came from Sambhav Sirohiya’s post which kind of motivated me to do something innovative with our national products, and Dhaka suits were the result.

Two things women find irresistible in men.

A well fitted suit and perfume.

Who would you swap your wardrobe with?

Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh as I feel they can carry anything.

What personality tips would you give young men who are aiming to be stylish?

You wear what you wear but know your combination. Know your body aesthetics and color tone and choose to wear clothes accordingly. It’s all about what you wear, where you wear and when you wear