Tissot, the Swiss Luxury watchmaker, is a subsidiary of The Swatch Group and has been the official timekeeper for world championship events related to cycling, fencing, motorcycling, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and other major sports like MotoGP and ice hockey. Tissot is recognized for its spirit of innovation by tradition and the heritage it represents makes it much more precious among other watches. The best part of Tissot watches is that they are affordable although they are Swiss-made and their classy blend with their accuracy is what makes it such a respectable brand.

Pratik Agrawal and Ashutosh Aggarwal are two young fashion entrepreneurs in the country aiming to carry forward their father’s legacy by revamping their textile business that has been running for the last 40-45 years to a new concept. They believe that though a number of fashion houses have emerged in the last few years, they have not saturated the market and thus they are looking forward to have proper merchandise for men and women that will range from clothes to accessories. With the motive of changing the entire fashion industry of Nepal, these fashion entrepreneurs have been successful enough to garner high trust and credibility with their new brands and are on the right track to bring new turns in the fashion fraternity of the country.

Talking about their affinity for luxury watches, they share how they have been associated with the Tissot brand since their teenage years and reveal their experience with the brand.

In today’s world, what importance do you feel a luxury watch has in men’s lifestyle?

Pratik Agrawal: The basic purpose of wearing a watch is to know the time, however, when you choose to wear a luxury brand, you are not just wearing a watch but reflecting your standard and class at the same time.

Ashutosh Aggarwal: The value of a watch can be best interpreted by that person who knows the value of time. There are two types of people who wear watches. There are those who just wear watches because they want to and then there are those who wear watches because they want to keep track of every second that they have invested. I feel that wearing a luxury watch is something that becomes completely indispensable when you can really afford to maintain that class. So, a luxury watch, as my brother said, is all about showing your lifestyle and standard.

When did you start wearing watches and at what age did you first own your luxury watch?

Pratik Agrawal: I got my first luxury watch when I was 16 years old and that too was Tissot which was gifted by my dad.

Ashutosh Aggarwal: Mine was a TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre which was also gifted to me by my dad.

How many luxury timepieces do you own today?

Pratik Agrawal: More than fifteen and now I plan to own a Rolex with my own earning.

Ashutosh Aggarwal: Around eight. I’ve got two Cartier, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Omega and Titoni.

What drove you to choose Tissot over other luxury brands?

Ashutosh Aggarwal: I was the one who gifted a Tissot watch to my brother Pratik. There were basically three reasons for me to choose a Tissot watch: First, my budget was limited and I had to buy a reputed watch brand within 1.3 to 1.4 lakhs. Second, since he was already wearing a Tissot, he was more acquainted with this brand and finally, Tissot watches usually go with all attires. My brother is more into classic material and more into those possessions that would provide a ‘Wow’ factor. As for me, I prefer subtle and simple factors in watches.

What is the best quality you find in your Tissot watch?

Pratik Agrawal: Both of us prefer the simplicity and accuracy that our Tissot watches offer. The watch is very easy to handle and the strap is very durable along with the lock which I’ve not yet changed though it’s been two years since I bought this one. The lock doesn’t open wherever I go and fits well in the rough situations as well. The dial is very beautiful and I feel it’s the best part in our Tissot watches.

What’s special in a Tissot that one cannot find in other brands?

Pratik Agrawal: Being asked about the specialty in this brand, I want to mention the servicing that the brand offers. I want to share an experience of mine regarding this. When I got a Tissot watch, I was provided with a guarantee of 5 years with the battery. However, I found some flaws with it after a year of use. When I went to the service center to deal with it, the company immediately changed my battery with an original one without even checking if I was right. Later, they said that the battery was fine and the flaws I was experiencing was due to the grip I maintained. This impressed me a lot.

Ashutosh Aggarwal: The sapphire crystal that the watch offers helps to maintain the newness in the watch as it prevents scratches. Apart from that, Tissot usually goes with all the outfits and gives that confidence to you.

The slogan of Tissot is “This is your time". How do you relate your profession with this slogan?

Pratik Agrawal and Ashutosh Aggarwal: We have just started our new ventures and we are wearing Tissot. We feel it’s our new time where we’ll have to prove ourselves and take our business to greater heights. It is that point in time, where we have the opportunity and we’ll take it away from everyone else.

What is your take on Tissot as an investment?

You are not just buying a Tissot but also the reputation that the brand has maintained all these years. In fact, you are gaining the legacy that is 180 years old and is to be followed forever. The company is giving you their reputation that is worth millions in just 1-2 lakhs.

Your favorite brand moment with Tissot.

Pratik Agrawal: While I was on my holidays to India, I left my Tissot watch at my hotel. When I received a call from them, they said, “Sir, you left your expensive and beautiful Tissot watch at our hotel.” They could have simply said a watch, but they added ‘Expensive and Beautiful’ which made me feel quite special about my watch.

Ashutosh Aggarwal: I was in my slippers and pajamas when I happened to visit one of the Casinos in India. The guard didn’t let me in because I was in my slippers but when I showed him the Tissot watch I was wearing that was worth more than 50k, my Tissot became my Ticket to the casino.

What advice would you give to luxury watch seekers?

Tissot falls in the upper middle class watch brand and when you choose this, you can keep your standard balanced enough without letting any one question your class. Before buying a luxury watch, make sure you are able to carry the assets that the brand offers with it.