Karan Vaidya

Karan has a really versatile sense of style; from a well-cut suit to a pair of shorts and a white shirt, he can do dapper and leisure very well.

Nima Martin Sherpa

Effortless would be the best way to describe his style. He is one of those individuals who can make a simple white tee and denim look gorgeous.




















Varun SJB Rana

Always dressed well, Varun has the ability to mix street style and tailored elegance effortlessly. He can wear bright colors, fitted suits or go traditional with equal aplomb.

Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi

I think Ayushman has a good mix of contemporary and preppy style. He has a neat way of regularly keeping his look fresh, be it with adding a cool pair of glasses or a beanie to add a sense of variety to his appearance.




















Abhimanyu Golchha

I have known Abhimanyu since school and his growth in terms of his style has been commendable. Be it tailored suits or just a relaxed shirt with well-fitted pants; he is never over styled or pretentious and yet, always suave and confident.

Kanchan Shrestha

She’s the person who installed the passion for fashion in me; the matriarch of our family, uber chic and eternally elegant.





















Namrata Shrestha

Remarkably talented, she carries her craft with great ease and charm. Her style reflects this persona, great elegance but with an unfussy effortlessness.

Vidushi Rana

She emanates a sense-polished perfection. Whatever she is wearing, she always looks well put-together and equipped to have her photograph taken at any minute





















Niti Shah

Not only does Niti look stunning when walking down the runway, but she knows exactly what to wear for every occasion whilst always triumphing to keep it trendy and sophisticated.

Savera Shrestha

Savera exudes a sense of cool that very few people inherently have. Even in just a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, she makes a case for being the best-dressed individual in the room