Rehan Shrestha

Rehan Shrestha is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia, with an impressive seventeen thousand Instagram following and a sleek and polished wardrobe to boot. An alumnus of the Rato Bangla and The British School, Kathmandu, he is currently studying communication design at Monash Univeristy. He regards himself as a content creator and believes that Instagram represents the democracy of new media, where an individual can devise, launch and maintain their own content and audience. Living spoke to Rehan Shrestha to get an insight into what his life is all about.


Living: How did you become a fashion blogger?

Rehan Shrestha: Fashion didn’t just happen. I never thought my appreciation for fashion would turn into something this significant in my life. There was always an interest but never thought I would reach where I am today. So you could say, fashion was always there but it was only when I was in Melbourne that I decided to look into the industry and make something out of it.

L: At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

RS: I was interested in fashion from a very young age, always contemplating my outfit choices, even when it came to school uniforms. I was always thinking of ways to make it look cooler. When I was studying in The British School, my best friend and I orchestrated an entire fashion show. Just at the age of sixteen, we coordinated with numerous Labels and Designers, conducted the runway set up and coordinated with sponsors. I enjoyed every single bit of it. There is so much more to fashion than just clothes. It is an enormous industry and it’s everywhere. We are all influenced by the prevailing fashion not only in what we choose to wear, but also in how   we interpret our world.

L: Tell us about your journey to Australia from Kathmandu.

RS: My first visit to Australia was in 2011. I was visiting my brother Rahat, who was studying there back then. Out of all the cities in Australia, Melbourne stole my heart; the vibe that city exuded made me decide to attend college there. Melbourne is also the fashion capital of Australia- very chic and rich in art and design.

L: How did you make a career out of it?

RS: It’s all thanks to the world of Instagram. Like any other individual, I had a personal Instagram account. Yet, most of my posts would be inclined towards what I wore. My first year in Melbourne, I came across one of its prominent events which was Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

L: What is your blogging style?

RS: I don’t have a specific blogging style that I abide by. I like the freedom of being able to post whatever it is that speaks out to me. Many people maintain a color scheme or a layout aesthetic but I think that just constricts one’s creativity, making them confined to a strict style. As clichéd as this may sound, it is important to stick to your personal style and not replicate someone else’s because people might as well follow them instead of you. I don’t have an actual blogging website for now, so Instagram is my main medium of putting my content out there. My blogging content comprises daily outfits, runway reviews, product recommendations, travel tips and photography.



L: What is more intriguing, men’s fashion or women’s?

RS: As much as I enjoy keeping up with women’s fashion, I am always more intrigued by menswear. It is simply because I like to know more about what I can add to my wardrobe. Fashion is about expressing oneself, and the more you know about it the better you can articulate.

L: What has impacted you most in fashion?

RS: Being a part of this industry gives me an innovative high. It has allowed me to have such wonderful experiences and meet some really remarkable individuals. Overall, it has made me more confident and I feel like I am able to express myself better through this medium.

L: How do you stay updated on the current trends?

RS: Fashion week is definitely where one comes across the trends first. I try keeping track of fashion weeks all over the world. Another way of keeping with trends is the Bible for men’s fashion- GQ magazine. Social media also is an easy way to keep you updated. Every label, fashion house and magazine has a social media presence today and just following them can give you easy and quick access to trends.

L: How important is fashion week for you?

RS: Personally, fashion week is very important to me for an obvious reason that we get to view new collections and enlighten ourselves with what to expect for the season. But the real reason why fashion week holds so much prominence and significance for me is the fact that it brings the fashion community together and allows you to meet and celebrate people with similar passions and ambitions. The vibe at fashion week is filled with excitement, enthusiasts and a great synergy of creative individuals brought together for an artistic expression and the love of fashion. It is not just about what is showcased on the runway.

L: How important is communication between you and the photographer you work with?

RS: The photographer plays the master behind all shoots. We sit before the shoot to put across what we expect out of the shoot. Communication is key, because you need to understand what your photographer has to offer and he needs to understand what you expect out of him.

L: What is your dream job?

RS: To become Tom Ford.


L: All time favorite designer?

RS: Balmain


L: What is your closet like?

RS: So it’s a funny story. My brother moved out from our 2BHK in Melbourne. So his room is my wardrobe.


L: What takes up most of the space in your wardrobe?

RS: I own lots of blazers and coats that need proper hanging. An entire section consists of my evening and party wear.


L: What is your go to outfit?

RS: I don’t really have a to-go outfit. I give thought to every outfit that I wear. I see it as a curse; I give too much attention to detail. I would rather be late to where I am going, than be unhappy with what I am wearing.


L: What do you do in your spare time?

RS: I think the juggle between university and being a menswear influence keeps me pretty busy. But when I do have spare time, I love to paint. Photography has always been a hobby as well. I have always had an undying wanderlust, so whenever the opportunity arises I like to travel to new places. Spirituality has always been a major interest and meditation is something I religiously practice.


L: A dinner and drinks outfit would be?

RS: For men, a blazer paired with a tee with casual kicks. You can dress it down to keep it casual. For women, I feel like a black dress has a lot of power. It makes a statement and you can still play safe with the style. And both men and women can spice their looks up with accessories.

L: Over-rated or not? Heels

RS: Definitely not over-rated



L: Man-buns

RS: Over-rated. Nobody should be doing it anymore. It’s in the past.

L: Facial hair on men

RS: Not over-rated. If you can maintain it, go for it.

L: Men wearing accessories

RS: Big yes. You will always see me with rings


L: Name three things that are a must have in ones styling kit.

RS: 1. Find that one hair product that syncs well with your hair. A well-tamed mane can do wonders.

 2. Cologne- Investing in good ones can emphasize how important it is for an individual to smell good.

 3. Carry a mint, always. Fresh breath is imperative.

L: Advice for the upcoming fashionistas of Nepal.

RS: What I have seen in Nepal is that people suppress their artistic instincts out of fear of being judged, alienated, or just because they think they aren’t good enough. In other cases, a parent, teacher or friend has been dismissive about their creative ambitions. Don’t let that suffocate your vision; ambitions are individual. I see fashion as art, and art is subjective. By being a fashionista or just any creative individual, you have to be okay with putting your work out there for public scrutiny. It is scary to stand out and be vulnerable but trust me, it is worth it.