This New Year’s Eve, reinvent your glamorous side with glitter and color. Makeup artist Itchha Karki displays two glamorous looks to don while welcoming 2018!

Blue Sparkles
“Let your inner spark shine through with a look that exudes glamor at its best. It has the right balance of shimmer and color. New Year’s is all about standing out in a crowd and the blue eyes will definitely set you apart.”

Dark Neutrals
“Life is boring without some drama, so opt for dramatic smokey-eyes; they never seem to go out of fashion. The little classic red lips remain forever elegant. This look definitely promises to make you look bold and sexy.”

Follow these simple steps

For the skin

1. Always begin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin.

2. Prep you skin by applying a primer of your choice. The primer will help you hide seams and joints and other small defects.
3. Once you apply the primer, color correct the face. Concealer is to be applied around the concerned area of the skin.

For the eyes

1. Begin by applying a brown base shadow.

2. For the first look, apply dark blue shade followed by lighter blue shade over the crease of the eye. As for the smoked eye look, replace the blue colors with black.


3. For the first look, apply concealer or foundation just above the crease, creating a dome shape on the eyelid. Then smear beige shimmer on the parts of the eyelid with the concealer. Finish the look by outlining the dome with silver glitter eyeliner.

4. For the second look you can cover the lid with concealer and add gold shimmer all over. Apply eyeliner and place a golden stud to brighten your whole appearance.

For the eyebrows

1. Outline the eyebrows, fill them in and set with gel.

2. Highlight the arch of the eyebrows with concealer and highlighter.

3. Apply kajal at the bottom with white liner on the water line to make the eyes appear bigger.