Want a pizza or a nice pair of shoes? For lazy people like me it’s always online; online shopping, online eating, online everything. You don’t necessarily need to be lazy to go online, its just far more convenient than getting squeezed in the crowds or stuck in traffic. So, this one site where you keep posting pictures of everything and anything including your cute little pets or news of your best friend passing out after too much of alcohol; decided to allow you to buy and sell stuff. What I’m talking about right now is Instagram.

Instagram has come up with a new page called the business page which you can link to your Facebook account as well as your business website. And then you post images of products and services you want to sell. It is more user friendly than other social networking sites which require you to open a completely new site to let people know more about the products. But with this new business tool by Instagram, you can just click on the image and you will be able to view the entire feature. After viewing the features, you can decide if you want to or do not want to buy. If you want to just click or place an order you will be directed to the business website where you can place the order.

Even before this business tool was introduced, people have been using Instagram to sell their products since the beginning. For example, you buy a really nice pair of boots and then realize that it doesn’t fit you and you cannot exchange it. What do you do? Click a nice picture of it and post it on Instagram with its price and ask if anyone living nearby wants to buy it from you. This was only a small scale scenario but people have been selling a lot of their handicrafts and other small stuff using this. And many people who find it attractive, affordable and convenient just buy them.