Ambitious yet compassionate, Shreejana Rana has been through ups and downs time and again in her life.  This has shaped her to make her who she is today— a well-known figure in the corporate world. Being a Capricorn, she believes in giving her best no matter what she does. Sophisticated, stylish and always smartly dressed is what makes Rana stand out amongst her peers.

How do you manage to look so elegant all the time?
Dressing according to the occasion, is what elegance means to me.

What makes you glow?
Meditation gives me inner peace and is a stress booster. The Shambhavi practice has helped me enhance my perceptions and revitalize myself to begin each day with refinement.  Drinking plenty of water; including lots of fruits and greens in my daily diet.

What fashion advice would you give to your younger self? 
Being fashionable is not about what you wear but it’s more about what you wear at a particular time and place. 
Name one fashion trend that you would like to bring back.
Fashion trends evolve and repeat over the years. I remember when I was younger, I used to enjoy wearing denim dungarees. Seeing my daughter wearing them again today with the same grace and enthusiasm brings back those memories. 
A beauty regime you swear by.
Well-rested sleep is what keeps me going. Working professionals these days need to maintain a good sleeping habit to be well prepared for the next day.
Your favorite shopping destination.
The streets of London never fail to captivate me with their collections and has grown to be my favorite shopping destination. 

What would be your prized possession?
Some possessions are priceless. My mother gave me an emerald jewelry set which has been passed on in our family for generations and is my prized possession. 

What can we find in your handbag?
Daily essentials and utilities, from wallet, sanitizer, kajal, lipstick, sunglasses, tissue to something to tie the hair with is what you will find. As I am usually on the move, I carry stuff that I would require to keep me going through the day. 

Your favorite designer?
I love Evening Dresses by Missoni, Fendi for Handbags, Zara for casual clothes, shoes and other accessories from Salvatore Ferragamo, the list goes on. 
Your biggest fashion obsession.
At my age, obsession over things and fashion does not exist; therefore there is nothing particular that I would wish to buy. I believe that investing in products should be worthwhile, comfortable and useable. Buying one good commodity instead of ten would be of more value. I love good shoes, handbags, watches and saris but comfort is my main priority as being comfortable in what you wear makes you elegant and graceful.

What does fashion mean to you?
I am comfortable in what I wear and carrying oneself well is what makes one graceful.