Spring Fashion Recommendation By Nepali Fashion Bloggers

Text By Archana Shrestha

Khusbu Gauchan

Khusbu Gauchan remembers her first days of fashion blogging in September, 2011 (on a

Sunday, in blogspot, she adds). She goes by the name Stylescrap Khusbu on Instagram with a

staggering number of 35.2k followers, which is still expanding. Gauchan manages to look at her

best with her meticulous fashion sense radiating her confidence wherever she goes. With her

beautiful floral flowy dress that reflected the essence of spring time, Gauchan looked sassy and


Gauchan shares that this spring 80’s fashion is going to dominate the fashion world as she’s all

about it. Spring fashion recommendations from Gauchan:

Colors: “Ultra Violet is the color of the year and any shade around that color like lilac or lavender.”

Fabrics/Prints: “Since, I am up for anything 80’s it is all about clear plastics, gingham, strips etc.”

Accessories to go with the outfit: “The go-to accessories for this year are thin glasses, beltbags and straw bags.”

Choice of cologne/fragrance: "I love collecting perfumes of all the big brands that are famous. The ones that I am Loving at the moment is COCO MADEMOISELLE BY CHANEL, DONNA VALENTINO BY VALENTINO, LADY MILLION BY PACO ROBANNE and the one I recently got on my last trip to Hongkong, DECADENCE BY MARC JACOBS which I am very excited about because it smells so good. "

Any new fashion trends that will take over this season: "As I’ve said earlier, 80’s going to be huge this season/year. "


Goku Shrestha

Starting off as one of the first male fashion bloggers in 2012, Goku Shrestha is a Kathmandu-

based fashion connoisseur who, in his words, is “a massive follower of Scandinavian

bandwagon”. When it comes to looking chic yet effortless, he believes in sticking to what one

believes in and not going after what is too mainstream. He was donned in his pastle button

–down shirts, clean pair of white T-shirts, dark denim pants and white sneakers which very

much articulated his go-to look for this spring.

Goku’s Fashion Recommendations for this spring

Colors: “Pastle and subtle colors. Keep it light and breezy for this season.”

Choice of cologne/Fragrance: “ My all-time favorite fragrance would have to be Burberry. Smell good but nothing overpowering; Less is more.”

Shoes: “Light colored sneakers “

Accessories to go with the outfit: “ Fold your sleeves up and show them your classy watch, and a pair of classy eye shade sunglasses

Go-to outfit for this spring: Pastle coloured shirts, washed denims, cropped pants and white sneakers.

Any new fashion trends that will take over this season: Spring this time is all about cropped denims and tint-less sneakers.


Asesh Prasai

“I would rather be dressed comfortably in anything he believes would look good on me than

follow someone else’s style blindly.”, says Asesh Prasai. His recipe for looking chic and

snappy all the time is to keep his wardrobe tidy and take good care of his physique.

Wearing a tank top , camouflage jogger, oversized denim shirt and loafers, he believes

that as unpredictable the weather is in spring it is better to go with cool and comfy wears.

He infers in “playing with ones’ ideas, but in style”.

Asesh’s Spring Fashion Recommendations

Colors: “Add up lively colors like yellow to your wardrobe to stand out in the crowd”

Prints: “Florals and polka dots for this season”

Accessories to go with your outfit: “Watch is the must for formal wears. Hand bands and a small fancy locket would to justice to your look.”

Choice of cologne/Fragrance: “I don’t have a specific choice of fragrance. Keep it light yet lingering”

Your go-to look for this spring: White sneakers, cool denim jeans or cotton half shorts and plain white/black or Floral/polka dots cotton shirts.

Any new fashion trends that will take over this season: “Be comfortable under your own skin, try and look fluent and carry anything you were well. That should make you a trend setter for this spring.”


Antee Gurung

It has been a long road for Antee Gurung when it comes to evolving in the fashion industry in

Nepal and her style keeps on changing accordingly. For a fashion designer who has found her

way into fashion blogging, she gets inspired by anything which has an aesthetic appeal to it.

Wearing her own designs justifies them well and she believes that it has helped her to evaluate

her works on the basis of the ‘fabric movement’, comfort and overall appeal. A floral printed

one shoulder V neck dress with ruffled trims and high slit is her kind of to outfit for this season.

Antee’s Fashion Recommendations for Spring

Colors: Blush pink, Azure blue, Mustard, Fiery red and Pale green

Prints/Cuts/ Fabrics : Asymmetrical necklines. It’s sexy and adds instant detailed look to

a dress or an outfit. Florals 

Accessories to go with your outfit: “Fanny packs. It’s hip and cool way of styling your

outfit. There’s a lot of ways you can play with it and it’s functional.

Go-to spring outfits: “You can’t go wrong with a wrap dress for casual days, a summer

pant suit for official meetings and a slip dress for dinners.

Choice of cologne: It would have to be Victor and Rolf’s “flower bomb.” for now.

Any new trends that will take over this season: Pant suit in pastel colors, wrap dresses in

unusual hemlines, dark denims, exposed brief look, fringes, sheer and transparent outer-