Sandhya KC

Having worked as a VJ on various television channels for the last five years, Sandhya KC is also the Marketing Executive at Kundalini Diagnostic Center. After her debut in the movie Dreams she has starred in films like Happy New Year and Kamale ko Bihae and her new movie Katha Kathmandu is expected to be released this year.  Sandhya talks to Living about her style and the love she has for her Datsun Redi-Go.

What’s Style to you? Well if you have to Google or look up in a dictionary, style is referred to as a particular procedure by which something is done (laughs). But my definition is simple: style is what I feel comfortable wearing and look good in.

Your fashion statement: It depends on where I am going and the occasion as well. At my age, we all want to be fashionable and I am no different. I strive to make myself stand out in the crowd.

Favorite wear: Jeans and T-shirts are my favorite clothes. Well this might sound a bit boring but I think it depends on a person how they stylize their clothes and make them look interesting which I strive to do every time I’m in casuals.

Favorite wear while driving: Jeans and T-shirt. They are like evergreen clothing, aren’t they?

Why Datsun Redi-Go? Redi-Go is small yet very functional and comfortable. This is my first car and I wanted the ownership to be a memorable one. It is also a fun car!

Does your car match your personality? The color of the car is fantastic. It epitomizes me, my mood and my personality. The cliché “Good things come in small packages” holds true here.

Memorable driving experience: Driving my parents in my own car for the very first time. I felt very happy to see how proud they were.

How stylish is your ride? I have to say it is 7 out of 10 in terms of style. But I am satisfied and happy with my Redi-Go.

Your dream ride: I have to go for Volkswagen Tiguan. The crossover vehicle is of perfect size for Kathmandu’s roads and is loaded with terrific German safety features.