What is fashion to you?

For me fashion is like an expression. It’s how I express myself to others. Just wearing fancy and expensive outfits isn’t what I would call fashion. It’s about wearing something that you can carry well and people say wow to you even if you’ve bought them from the cheapest store in town.

In your opinion, what’s the difference between fashion and style?
I think fashion is related to a person’s dress sense whereas style could go beyond just clothes.

Comfort over style? Or style over comfort? How would you describe your style of dressing?
I would say comfort over style. My friend once told me that I either dress up like I’m going to a red carpet event or like I’m just too lazy to choose an outfit there’s just no in between.

Most valuable piece of clothing that you’ve ever purchased.
I would go for my Armani coat because I bought it myself.

In this season, what are the three things any man should have?
In this wintry season, I think a man should have a nice muffler, a warm jacket and maybe a pair of shades can make a great combo.

An outfit you wouldn’t mind wearing every day.
Ahhh I don’t mind wearing my jeans with a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of Vans or Nike.

That one celebrity that you wish you could swap wardrobes with.
Ronaldo any day but I would also say Shah Rukh Khan. He has good sense of fashion especially on formal wear.

Your biggest fashion pet peeve.
People not matching their socks with their outfit. 

Brands you would never say no to.
Ha Ha! There are lots and lots but H&M and Cr7 are the brands I prefer.

Advice to men on styling themselves.
Just wear what you’re comfortable in no matter what the brand or price because there’s no point wearing an expensive outfit and looking like a fool.