Tenzin Tseten Bhutia

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia is not a unfamiliar personality in the fashion industry of Nepal. The versatile designer is famous for creating masterpieces for both men and women. He is also renowned for his effortless take on fashion and glamour and is a fashion savvy. Living sat down with Mr. Bhutia for his advices for the upcoming season-fall.


Name your favorite colors for fall season. Which different colors outfit can be coordinate? (Both men and women)

For fall season I prefer to play with the shades of blue, men can coordinate it with black and white and as for women they can match up black and some refreshing colour.

Your ultimate fall style and wardrobe essentials.

This fall long jackets, printed/embroidered jackets or blazers and ankle/knee boots would be awesome for all the women. Thigh high boots are also definitely in this season. Men can stick with ankle length boots. For this season, leather products will undeniably be “it” item for men.

Fall fashion advice.

My fall fashion advice to the readers would be to experiment with different colors; wearing neutral colors are really boring. Fresh color will brings some excitement to the whole styling. It doesn't have to be very colorful, a hint of color will definitely add more life to your wardrobe.

Top 5 wardrobe essentials.

Must have item this fall season would be:

  • Embroidered Jacket (not necessary heavy embroidery)
  • Leather Shoes 
  • Black and white tees (always comes handy to mix it with some colorful outer)
  • Bell bottoms
  • Cool winter accessories

Fashion advices for different body type.

For slim and petite figure, depending on which part of body you want to accentuate you can play with surface ornamentation or some accessories in that area, so that it can be focused. Avoid tight fitting dress and dark shades if you don't want to look slim and petite and add color if u want to hide your skinny frame. And as for people with plump figure they can use some darker shades. Avoid fitted clothes and clothes with big prints on them. They can opt for regular fit and darker shades always a big yes for big framed people.

What does looking sexy mean to you?

For me sexy comes with the aura of that person which includes his/her personality, style and yes definitely their fragrance (a good body odor is always a turn on).

How to mix and match traditional outfit to look chic, comfortable and cultural for festivities?

You can mix and match printed crop top with lehenga skirt, or an embroidered blouse with long plain skirt with a shawl or it can be one piece long gown mould in terms of ethnic touch. Just wear what makes you beautiful yet comfortable.

Fashion advice to live by.

As I always say, ”Wear what makes you feel comfortable, have fun while styling, keep updated with the global trend and you can mould the trend in your own style. But comfortable doesn't mean that you end up in your pajamas or something similar. Dress up according to where you heading towards and chill.”