Photo & concept:  Kishor Kayastha

Assistant: Amar Rai, Chandra S. Magar 

Model: Srijana regmi

Stylist: Rajshree Rana

MUA:Meena Kayastha

Hair: Bigen Tamang

Video: Rajiv Manandhar

When Kishor Kayastha called me for this shoot I was more than happy. I have admired his work for many years and I was excited to work with such an artistic and seasoned photographer. Doing a revealing photo shoot such as this would have been uncomfortable for me had it not been for Kishor dai’s professionalism, which put me at ease and allowed me to focus on the work...

I see Kishor Kayastha as a strong motivator for experimental models like me to take the Nepali modelling scene to the next level, and I look forward to working with him on more exciting projects in the future.” - Srijana Regmi