Ashutosh Aggarwal, the director of ‘The Regal Inc.’ is fashion savvy and has a passion for designing as well. “The reason I’ve come to your store is because of your knowledge on fabrics and authenticity when it comes to suit-making,” is what you often overhear from his customers when you’re in the store. One could call him a fashion mogul because of his immense knowledge and the detailing involved in suit-making. Living got a sneak peak of Aggarwal’s wardrobe and found out about his favorite piece from the various segments in his cabinet.

Suits and the patterns

“If you want me to be precise, I’ve got around 25 suits in which I’ve got glen plaids, herringbones, windowpane checks, houndstooth, pick-an-pick, which is also called sharkskin, and I also have some solids. However, among all these, glen plaids are my favorite. In fact, they’ve always been a fantasy for me because of the way they are crafted and the way they sit on your body. Glen plaids come in two types: one is distinctive and the other is non-distinctive. I’m more into non-distinctive glen plaid checks because of the pattern one sees from different distances. Plus, glen plaid checks were the royal attire for the British Royal family and they’ve always kept that niche market reserved for them.”


“The watch by GB Brummell is my favorite because I designed these watches myself and we are yet to launch the entire range of GBB watches. My favorite collection is ‘Pawan’ because it is named after my father. I’ve dedicated the entire design to him, which is very simple, chic and classy. Apart from that, I own two Tissots, one Raymond Weil and one Tag Heuer.”


“I’ve got countless ties and I actually won’t be able to give you a figure because there was a time when I was in love with them. But nowadays I don’t wear a lot of ties because of the way I carry my attire; it balances the need for a tie. To give you a figure, it may be between fifty and fifty-five Among those, my favorite is the silk Jacquards which are from GBB.”


“Again, my brand for shoes is GB Brummell because I designed them. We are yet to launch GBB shoes in the market as I’m waiting for bulk production to be completed so that we don’t fall short of shoes in the market. Apart from these, I do wear Gallant, TFT, Ferragamo and Aldo.”


“I wear Ray Ban and our local brand Anthropose, but my all-time favorite is again ‘GBB Eyes’. I design them myself. It shows exactly what a gentleman looks like.”


“I do wear belts from Da Milano, LV and Benetton but when it comes to selecting one, I’ll again go for the GB Brummell belt as they are very convenient for my day-to-day work schedule and provides that chic look to the entire outfit.”