Sachitra Gurung catches up with three top-notch home-grown fashion designers over lunch at Prazada. Rasna Shrestha, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia and Manish Rai reveal their views on the upcoming trends for 2018.

What is your fashion resolution for the coming year?

Rasna (Mu Ce): My fashion resolution for 2018 is to explore and experiment with different trends and try to add a touch of Nepali art to the design.
Tenzing: Just like every year, my resolution is to be a better version of myself. In this industry you are always learning new things; we all know that fashion and trends are never constant. Comparing my current designs to the ones I did in 2005 and 2010, I can see the drastic change (in a good way). Hence I want that change to be constant.
Manish: Not exactly resolution but finally I’ll be graduating. So in 2018, I’ll be more focused on my work.

What do you think will be the most dominant fashion trends in 2018?
Rasna (Mu Ce): For summer it would be a lot of sheer blouses and dresses, whereas for winter oversized bomber jackets will be dominant. It also seems that the versatile white converse will not go out of fashion anytime soon.
Tenzing: Jumpsuits are hands-down the most essential item for spring/summer 2018. Different designs of jumpsuits in solid colors will definitely be trendy. For winter, I think trench coats will be in. Also I think the fashion is moving towards the eastern side now, so I guess we will be seeing lots of embroidered items.  For shoes I would say if you are willing to experiment, then definitely go for something bright colored or bold prints. You can also opt for embroidered shoes.
Manish: Art inspired prints and light pastels for spring /summer. And for autumn/winter I would say denim and bright colored furs. For shoes it would be moon boots with fur and thigh high boots with some glitters. 


Give us the leaders in the fashion color palette?
Rasna (Mu Ce):
Shades of pink, red and orange.
Tenzing: Lighter shades of all the primary colors and plenty of color blocking for summer.  For winter it would be darker shades of green.
Manish: Candy pastels, shiny silver and orange.

How would you incorporate these fashion trends in your design?
Rasna (Mu Ce): Nowadays people are more into minimal style. So I will incorporate these trends subtly into my designs. I would want to offer something trendy yet minimal. I am planning to work on fusion designs and work more with organic and Nepali fabrics.
Tenzing: I will try to keep up with the trend but not dump everything in my collection. I will choose some of the trends and blend with my designs. For example if I am going to be using the color then I may not use the design, if I am using the embroidery, I might not use the color and design.
Manish: Well I’m planning to incorporate mostly the trendy colors this year. The collection will be out around April.

According to the 2018 fashion forecast, what would be the essentials for a night out?
Rasna (Mu Ce): A white jumpsuit or any other pastel colored jumpsuit is a must have!
Tenzing: Definitely jumpsuits! It doesn’t have to be plain jumpsuits; it can be sequined, metallic ones. If you are not a jumpsuit fan then maybe opt for sequined or metallic dresses. A little bit of bling here and there is always nice.
Manish: Bright hued fur jackets.

Which key pieces of the top 2018 fashion trends would you choose for office wear?
Rasna (Mu Ce): Heels and denim blazers.
Tenzing: You cannot experiment much with office wear due to the strict dress code, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wear dull colored clothes. Women can experiment with shirts and opt for various light colored blouses of different fabrics. Also they could go pleated or dark solid colored pencil skirt or well fitting trousers. Add good classy formal shoes to your wardrobe for office. Then you can follow office norms and stay stylish and smart as well.
Manish: Grey and neutral color formal wear.

Advice for casual wear in 2018.
Rasna (Mu Ce):
Rainbow colored clothes and accessories will be the in-trend for casual wear.
Tenzing: Small prints are going to be the wardrobe essentials for 2018. It can be a small printed dress, or top or anything. And also graphic tees will not be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon.
Manish: Bright and bold colors.

What would be the so-hot-right-now accessories in 2018?
Rasna (Mu Ce): Recently more and more people are drawing their inspiration from the 80s and the 90s fashion trends. So, I am assuming that retro sunglasses will be the hit accessories in 2018.
Tenzing: Jewelry of different and funky shapes.
Manish: Neo pearls, massive bracelet and scarfs


2018 for you will be all about...
Rasna (Mu Ce):
Promoting Nepali organic fabrics through my designs.
Tenzing: I think it’s high time to show the world that Nepali designers are as talented and creative as any other western/eastern designers. More people will follow the trend if it is available in the market easily.
Manish: Experimenting, exploring, learning and growing.