Parakram Rana is recognized as one of the most successful fashion influencers in the country. The style savvy blogger talks to Living about his fashion favorites and more.

How would you describe your work to others?

I am an amalgamation of a fashion/lifestyle/travel blogger, celebrity stylist, fashion stylist and costume stylist. They may seem very alike but fashion as a field is vast. For instance, as a celebrity stylist I dress actors up according to the latest trends for their public appearances. Then as a fashion stylist, I style actors and models for editorial photo-shoots for various magazines or even their personal creative shoots. Both of these deal with high street to high-end brands whereas as a costume stylist I provide all the costumes to all the characters of a TVC. As a blogger, I focus mainly on fashion and try to mix it with travelling; I believe location plays a key role in my pictures apart from the outfits.

What is your style mantra?

My blog is named ‘The Style Versatile’ and accordingly my style is completely fluid. I do not have a particular type of style; everything will totally depend on how the planets and stars are aligned on that particular day. However, I feel one must be comfortable and confident for whatever look they sport. There have been times when I have reached a venue and realized that what I am wearing is a complete disaster but I always end up carrying it off well. That’s because I make myself feel confident and focus on highlighting my personality over my outfit. Take my word for it; it always works.

How did style versatile happen?

Apart from being a social media buff, I gained interest in keeping up with the latest clothes. I started uploading the pictures of these trends on my Instagram. It started garnering some great responses from my friends, family and those who followed me. That made me more aware about what was going on and I ended up researching about how blogging works. Apart from styling, which I always did as a profession, this idea really excited me. I then realized that if I enjoy blogging and can make a career out of it along with styling then why not grow creatively and professionally?

What are your five wardrobe essentials for 2018? 

1. My sling or bum bag without which I cannot head out of the house.

2. A thin fabric (preferably satin) bomber jacket or a denim jacket to carry around especially while traveling.

3. A straight fit pair of jeans as they are extremely comfortable and they go with almost every tee.

4. My GG buckle Gucci belt is a classic and can be paired with any look without looking flashy.

5. My latest buy, the Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 sneakers makes you feel like you are walking on air.


What are the trends that you are looking forward to in 2018?

1. Denims are being incorporated in every fashion wear or accessory from a belt to knee high boots, chokers, phone covers and every sort of clothing.

2. More of the oversized fitted clothes, as they are gaining popularity and not to forget their comfort quotient.

3. Neon colored lens frames from yellow, green and red have already done the rounds. I am looking forward to more of the pop colors this coming year.

4. Track pants have been incorporated into most looks, just the way sneakers have been for the past two years. Being able to wear your sneakers and track pants to a social fashion event feels extremely liberating.

5. I am really looking forward to more of the street wear inspired trend that I hope will grow ten folds this year.

What would be your favorite color shade for this winter?

I would choose a pastel shade and go for lilac and pastel yellow. I prefer to look bright in winter.

Your fashion advice for 2018

Currently the trend is inspired from the 60’s right to the 2000’s. So instead of buying any new clothes, just reuse your parents old outfits and create an entirely new look by mixing and matching. Keeping it minimal by pairing it with an edgy accessory will make you stand out.

How could one blend in traditional outfits in 2018?

Nowadays, a saree can be paired with almost any kind of top, from a crop top to bralette; they all look stunning with the saree. With any traditional outfit, make sure you have a trendy pair of sunglasses to make you look your fashionable best. With my traditional outfits, I add a modern element of a brooch, pocket square or cuff links. They do standout and blend in beautifully with traditional outfits.

What is your take on the fashion scene in Nepal? 

The people of Nepal have always been more fashionable in comparison to our neighboring countries. With social media, the demands for the latest trends are on the rise, so you see many designers and stores have begun to display outfits that complement aesthetics of a universally accepted fashion sense.

Five wardrobe staples every man and woman should have?

1. Wallet; it clearly is a power accessory because it carries the wealth of a person.

2. A pair of white simple sneakers as it matches with almost every outfit and makes you look effortlessly stylish. The best part is that the dirtier the shoes get, the more grunge and smart they look.

3. A plaid shirt has to be one of the staples. You can head out at night wearing it, you can wear it to work, and you can wear it for a casual outing with your friends; a must have.

4. A bunch of graphic tees to make a statement when you are feeling a little more rebellious than normal. It brings out the energy you want to pass on to the people you meet that day.

5. A bunch of belts to add the dapperness in your attire; it instantly gives an impression of a fashion enthusiast.


10 most stylish people in Nepal

1. I would begin with my mother Sneh Rana who is effortlessly stylish. I obviously got my knack from her.
2.Prabal Gurung is always so fashion forward in terms of style. He is a legend and visionary when it comes to fashion and style.

3.America based jewelry designer and soon to be fashion icon Arpana Rayamajhi. She is an inspiration when it comes to having a unique sense of style, which can make everybody’s jaw drop.

4.Fashion designer Siwangi Pradhan. She is always up to date with the latest high-end trends. She carries them off with such elegance.

5.Supermodel Aastha Pokharel effortlessly looks stylish in almost everything she wears, even if she’s only stepping out for grocery shopping.

6.Fashion blogger/stylist Rhea Pradhan aka Peppy Owl is extremely stylish. Her minimalistic fashion sense and aesthetics create quite an impact. She is by far my favorite fashion blogger based in Nepal.

7.Make up artist Lemii always carries herself really well.

8.Famous model and now an upcoming actor Aditi Budathoki always dresses up brightly and looks her bubbly best that draws all eyes on her.
9. Widely acclaimed transgender model Anjali Lama is extremely stylish and can put anyone to shame with her fabulous body and style.

10. I love Samragyee Shah’s smart casual style.