Karma Tenzing, the Chairperson of Kathmandu Valley School (Maharajgunj), Ocean Savings and Credit Cooperative, Onward Nepal, Momo Karma and KTM Entertainment New York, is a well-known entrepreneur who has always prioritized social values rather than just profit making. A documentary on his endeavors to help Nepal, “Good Karma” produced by Joseph Garner, the producer of “Hangover II and III, was released earlier this year and is now doing the film festival circuits in the US. He is also well-versed when it comes to style and never fails to astound us with his fashion sense. Tenzing talks to Living about his unique taste in choosing accessories and wardrobe.

What is fashion to you?

In this day and age where the first impression is often the last, fashion is among the more important things to consider. However, I won’t be seen in loud/bold designs no matter what the occasion. Basically, just keep it classy via the mantra, “Just because it fits does not means it suits”.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Sophisticated yet subtle.

What is your go-to-style choice for different occasions?

Slim fit suit or blazer for work and meetings. Plaid slim fit shirt with jeans or a baseball hat with a tee and khakis on weekends.

What would we find in excess in your wardrobe?

Slim fit shirts - I’m obsessed with sky blue shirts at the moment. Happy Socks - Colorful enough to brighten any boring day at work.

One style item you would never wear?


Name three men with an exceptional sense of style.

HRH Prince Charles, Sir Michael Caine and among the younger lot I’d have to say David Beckham for being a chameleon (and a pretty excellent one at it).

Top essentials every man should have in his wardrobe.

A high end watch, power suits, cuff links, tie-clips, bow ties.

A favorite color that is prominent in your wardrobe.

Blue - a color that seamlessly fits into any occasion.

How do you accessorize your look?

Tie clips are mandatory while wearing a tie and different styles of watches to compliment any occasion (be it formal or informal).

Some of your favorite brands?

Among my favorites I’m often seen wearing a Rolex, J Crew, Barbour, Moncler to name a few.

Which are some of your favorite places to shop?

J Crew online for all my day to day wear. Soho in New York City is my go to area for shopping when I have to physically go and try on clothes.

Most experimental outfit you have worn?

Cycling shorts as every day wear in the mid-90s when Milli Vanilli were the coolest guys on the planet.

One thing that makes you feel sexy?

I don’t know about “sexy” but anything that is tailored to perfection and fits well brings an air of positivity around.

Two things women find irresistible in men.

That’s for women to know and for us men to find out. HAHA

Who would you want to swap your wardrobe with?

David Beckham (even it’s for only a day)

Personality tips for young entrepreneurs aiming to be stylish.

Being well- dressed is a confidence booster in itself and a finely tailored suit brings about that level of confidence needed for whatever you’re trying to achieve. Just stray from anything too bright or excessively loud - Always work on bringing forth a perception of humility and even when you’ve made it, remind yourself that in the eyes of many, you will always remain a dark horse.