Renowned for his custom-fit bridal designs and evening gowns, Manish Rai has designed for many Nepali beauties and showcased his designs during numerous Nepali fashion weeks such as n week. He shares his fashion advice and tips with Living.

Living: Name your favorite colors for the winter season. 
Manish Rai: Black for men and midnight blue for women.

L: Your ultimate winter style and wardrobe essentials.
MR: Tweed overcoat, leather boots for men and cashmere sweater, thigh high boots and woolen scarf for women.

L: How to keep yourself warm without looking bulky?
MR: Layering is tricky but selecting the right garments made of the right fabrics can make it look stylish without seeming bulky. Turtle neck sweaters with a tweed coat can be worn by both women and men and look smart and stylish too.

L: Any winter fashion advice?
MR: Going with solid darker shades is always a better idea. 

L: Top 5 wardrobe staples.
MR: Cashmere sweater, faux fur coats, wide belts, velvet dress and singlet rings.

L: Winter Fashion advice for different body types? 
Triangle: As the lower body is bigger than the upper body, details on the shoulder part or upper part emphasizes the upper body making it look proportionate.
Round: Tricky but belted coats look good. Anything to create an illusion of a thinner waist line. A line skirts look good.
Inverted triangle: Lower body is smaller so full skirts look good. Details on the shoulder or upper part should be avoided.
Straight: Clothes with a defined waist. Belts are a great way to create the desired waist and volume on the shoulder part.
Hourglass: Ideal body shape. Body-con garments look good on this body shape.

L: What does looking sexy mean to you? How to look sexy and chic in winter?
MR: Being confident in your skin looks sexy to me.

L: Your go to outfit for date night, friends’ night out and formal meetings. 
MR: You can pair a formal dinner jacket with black woolen pants and leather boots for date night, oversized hoodie with fur for friends’ night out and tweed jacket with button down woolen shirt and pants with leather boots for the latter.

L: Appropriate tradition outfit for the winter season.
MR: Pashmina chaubandi paired with a full skirt

L: Fashion advice to live by.
MR: “When in doubt, overdress.” - Vivienne Westwood