Jyotsna Yogi

Jyotshna Yogi, a well-known actress, model and television personality, started her acting career with the movie“Ma Ta Timrai Hoon”, and is also featured in many music videos. She is one of those personalities who are actively involved in many social activities; truly a lady with a heart of gold. Jyotshna shares some of her favorites that are close to her heart with Esparsh Sarawagi.



“Dogs for me are a source of happiness and positivity. They're loyal, forgiving, full of hope and always up for friendship. They made me empathetic. They cannot speak but can express themselves if you try and understand them and you can feel what they feel.”

Misumi skin care

“I have been battling acnes and acne scars for a long time now. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work. I trusted Misumi Skin care and I started seeing amazing results. Since then, I've become a fan of their products.”



“I just love my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I mean obviously we're all attached to our phones but the S Pen is the best ’cause I love doodling and sketching. Plus, the gaming and the battery life sync so well; perfect for me. I cannot imagine a single day without my Note 9.”

Tintin comic series

“I grew up reading Tintin comics, and looking back on my childhood days, it is filled with sweet memories with this comic series. In fact, I have collected the entire series. It was handed down to me by my mom and it’s one of the reasons why I am so attached to my Tintin collection.”



“I have no connection with Birgunj in any way but I love the place, the humidity, the areas around town and everything else. I just don't need reasons to love that place. Every time I go there my heart is filled with peace and tranquility, providing me that space to think and relax away from the daily grind of K-town.”

Nepali potato chips

“I know we should avoid packaged junk foods, but Nepali Piro Chips are the best. I think it beats all the snacks that exist. I can just go on having these chips my entire time and yet not get over them. They are my favorites.”


Video games

“I have been a gamer since childhood with my brother as my partner. Amongst the many games, my favorites have always been God of War, Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry, etc. My current favorite is PUBG of course.”