Vidushi Rana has always been admired for her astonishing sense of style.  At present, she is the head of marketing and branding at Goldstar shoes. Along with her plans for reviving the brand, she shares her thoughts about the importance of power dressing.

What defines Vidushi Rana?

I am just an ordinary woman who loves her family and work. My forte has always been marketing and I feel like I am very good with people. I started working as a Relationship Manager at a bank and was promoted to head the branch. I left the job when my son was six months old, as I wanted to spend more time with my family. Now that my children have grown up, I have decided to help my husband in his business. So currently we are working on redesigning and rebranding Goldstar shoes. We have already introduced a wide range of designs.

How do you plan to take the company forward?

Sports shoes have become such a necessity and at the moment our future is looking very bright. We are the biggest exporter to India and recently have started exporting to Malaysia as well. Now, there are ongoing plans to export our products to the UK and US. We want to take our local Nepali brand to the international level and make everyone proud.
Furthermore, we are creating new products catering especially to women— from futsal to PU shoes.  We are also introducing a range of exciting new colors.


You are seen as one of the best-dressed women in Nepal, what is your style mantra?

I don’t have a style mantra as such. I just don’t blindly follow trends or style; I keep in mind what does and doesn’t suit me. I just like being comfortable and look nice at the same time.

How different is it dressing up for your current job compared to your bank job?

The work culture is completely different; they are worlds apart. Here I have to frequently visit factories, so I dress up more conservatively.

What does power dressing mean to you?

It is very important to dress up well. When you walk into a meeting or a boardroom, you need to make an impression. Power dressing oozes out confidence. You do not need to be the best dressed but you need to dress right— have the correct fittings, carry the right bag, wear a good perfume etc.

Your wardrobe essentials

I think every woman needs a few white shirts, a few pairs of black trousers, black and white checked dresses, LBD’S, a good pair of high heels and a good tote. For the winter, I love bright colored scarves.

Fashion advice to aspiring woman entrepreneurs

I would tell them to dress up smartly. Look and feel confident in what you are wearing. Just don’t wear anything to make a fashion statement.

Who do you consider your style icons?

When it comes to fashion, I take inspiration from everyone! When I look at people and I like something, I try to inculcate that in my own way. It’s no point being inspired by someone and completely copying it. Give your own spin to it!