The Miss Nepal Earth 2010, Sahana Bajracharya is one of the most talented and sought-after personalities in town. With some projects in the pipeline, Sahana is looking for the right time to launch her new TV show and also has some series and short movie collections coming up later this year. She has always valued emotional attachments above materialistic accessories and is still a kid at heart when it comes to choosing her favorite things that are close to her heart. Some of her top favorites are:


‘I got these two sarees from my mother; they are from her wedding year and I guess the first two sarees were gifted to her by my father after they got married. My father especially ordered these from India and they are made from pure silver thread work. It’s so special to me that at my sister’s wedding when everyone else was buying new sarees for themselves, I told my mother that I would wear these sarees, which made her very emotional.’



‘I’m a big fan of literature, geography, history and religion. The book on literature that I bought for hundred rupees in front of RNAC is something which might even cost around 100-150 dollars if I get it elsewhere. The Quran is another one gifted to me by a friend. Next is a book about Nehru which was given to me by my granddad and the special thing about all the books inherited from my granddad are his notes on the front page which remind me of him every time I read them. And, finally the book about medieval Nepal which is considered one of the golden books when it comes to history, has been with me for many years now.’


‘Discman was considered a very cool thing in the late 90s as owning a discman meant you could carry your music anywhere with you. I still listen to music on this discman as I feel that old school feeling is priceless.’




‘I have two cameras which are very special to me. One is the Pentax K1000 which was launched in the 70s. I learnt my photography skills from the same camera where I used to take black & white pictures on film which was fun. Then, in 2008 I got my first DSLR camera which was recently launched in the market and I bought it with my savings.’



‘I have shades from my grandfather who has always been close to me. Sometimes I do wear it and nobody notices that it’s a ‘Grand Ba chasma’ so that’s fun. Style just keeps on moving and these sunglasses have still been in fashion.’



Vinyl records

‘I have two vinyl records from Beethoven and Mozart. These two are known as the poets of music. ‘Silence’ by Beethoven is amazing and nowadays nobody listens to songs in vinyl. However, I feel that old feeling can be provided only by these vinyl records. I feel that modern songs don’t have stories behind them and there is no inspiration. However, all those old musicians had some story to tell and listening to them takes me back to my school days.’



‘I’m not an ornament person. However, I always wear this ring which was gifted to me in 2003 by my mother. I wear it every single day and a lot of people ask me if I am engaged and ask me who gave me it to me. Telling them about mom’s gift to me, I describe how I am pretty much engaged to my mom.”



‘I brought one of these diaries from London recently as I was excited to write as soon as 2019 begins. The next one was gifted to me by Bhaav products. Every year they send me a diary as I like to write things down. A diary is something I carry with me most of the time as I write my ideas, thoughts, scripts for my work and emotions, and then I digitalize them. I love writing and I feel people should write more often rather than type.’