Director of Marketing and Branding at Goldstar Shoes, Vidushi Rana has carved a name for herself with her business skills, creativity and warm personality. Strong-willed Vidushi has a well-known fixation for style and personality and her selection of favorites reflects her subtle elegance. Sheshares her personal favorites that are close to her heart with Esparsh Sarawagi.

Family Album

My husband and I believe in creating memories and consider that as the most important thing in our lives because other material things just fade away,while memories last forever. Thus, I love taking pictures and creating albums out of them so that I can always keep the memories fresh in my mind.”




Children’s pictures

“My daughter Shivalika is studying in New York right now at NYU and my son Surya Aditya goes to a boarding school in England. I love taking pictures of my kids because they’ve grown up and are not with me today. It’s always good to just look back at the photos and remember the good times we had.”






“I like strong perfumes, which stay on for a long time. I, therefore, use perfumes like Kenzo Jungle, Gucci and Narciso Rodriguez which provide me that confidence with everything I wear and so is one of my favorites.”





Ancestral sarees and jewelries

“These are my grandmother’s mother-in-law’s sarees.She used to live in Banaras back then. They are the prized Banarasi sarees made with pure gold thread and are more than a 100 years old. That’s the reason why these sarees are very close to me and I try to be very careful with them so that I can pass it on to my daughter. These jewelries have also been passed on from my great grand-mom to my grand-mom to my mom and then on to me. I thus cherish them.”




Mink Coat

“My grandfather was the ambassador to London back in the 60s and so my grandparentslived in England for almost a decade. My grandmother was a very stylish woman and all her possessions are amongst the best. She gave me this mink coat which she bought in London back then and is my favorite among all the other things that she passed on to me.”




Global Collections

“Wherever my husband and I travel, we try to buy different things from those places as souvenirs and keep them with us so that they can remind us of our various trips. The statue of Maasai people was brought from Masai Mara, Kenya while this Antique Moroccan vase made from camel bones was bought during our Moroccan trip and is among my favorite collections from my trips.”







Louis Vuitton Bag

“I am very fond of bags; however, I am not so close to material things as they just fade away with the passage of time. But this bag from Italy is almost 16 years old and was gifted to me by my husband. So, I consider it my vintage collection and value a lot.”




“We try to collect paintings by Nepali artists who are extremely good and we want to promote them. The very first purchase of a Nepali artist’s painting was this one by Sashi Shah which we bought around ten to twelve years back.”




“My iPhone is one of my most important gadgets for all my schedules and I can’t imagine my day without its assistance. So I consider it one of my favorites.”