50 Reasons to Go Out and Eat

Meat Lovers


Nestled on a side street near the US Embassy, Nina’s has a menu for all burger lovers. Call for an American Cheese Burger with a fried chicken patty. They are served with a side order of fries and a dipping sauce. Their cheese balls take you someplace else.

Mul Chowk Restaurant

Enjoy a salmon steak amid beautiful classic Nepali architecture and some jazz music. They also have an excellent collection of wine. Mul Chowk cuts out all the noise and pollution from outside and has a setting of its own. You’ll have nothing to criticize about when you leave.

Kava at Fairfield by Marriott

Ask for a Murgh Tikka Makhni to satisfy your desi food cravings. Chicken tikka cooked in tomato gravy flavored with fenugreek with some buttered Indian bread. Their plating will make you relish your food even more.

Level 3

Unwind here with a drink enjoying a great view and a relaxed ambience. While at it, go for the oozy Mansaff with biryani. A variation of an Arabic dish, a leg of mutton is roasted and served with delicious gravy and biryani. It is the most popular dish here. They also have the best mezze platter served with the softest pita bread.

Ratomato Organics BBQ Bistro

The stuffed pocket chicken is one reason to come here. It is served with creamy mashed potato and sautéed vegetables in marinara sauce; a scrumptious meal for one. You will not regret coming here!

Vegetarian Foodies


Where do you go when you’re craving for a crispy and filling sandwich? Or2k does the best pesto toast. It has yellow cheese, white cheese, sliced tomato and pesto sauce and is served with an Israeli side salad and dip. Call for a mint lemonade to go with your sandwich and your meal is going to be complete. Their portions are huge and every order is good to share between two people. 

Places Restaurant

Their cauli-steak is well-known in K-town. Grilled cauliflower with a creamy mushroom sauce served with mashed potato and grilled vegetables. They have warm home-like seating with great graffiti all around. Their menu offers more vegan and vegetarian options.


A farmer’s plate is what you should order here. It is warm roasted vegetables with a fresh salad served with hummus and pita bread. They have a garden on their terrace and intend on becoming a self-sufficient restaurant. Their food is GSM free, very healthy and they also have a vegan menu.


Comfort food comes in the form of their picata. A vegetable patty topped with tomato sauce served with noodles, fries and coleslaw. This plate is too good to be true. Enjoy it with a glass of their white house wine.

Fire and Ice

No. 8 under the Pizza category of their menu, the good old Fire and Ice pizza is where you should start. Half the base has tomato sauce and half pesto. It’s topped with mozzarella, potato, oregano and rosemary. Which slice are you trying first, the fire or the ice?

Hidden Eateries


I’m talking about live music, fairy lights and beer. Top that with some mozzarella sticks and their momo platter. It’s as colorful as your time is going to be here. The momo platter has two pieces spinach, beetroot, buckwheat and flour each. Their fillings are all different and I can’t quite decide which one is my favorite. I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

Shavi’s Café Bar

Who doesn’t love fries? And if they come with toppings, it’s never a sad ending. Try their Jaegar-Boulette with Fries and Mayo. It has pork meatballs with mushroom sauce. They grow their potatoes in their own organic farm and nothing is processed. You can get some Goa Kings beer here to go with your fries!

The Lazy Gringo

Chimi momos are so sinful. You have a make-your-own burrito option where you get a personal card to tick off the things and style you want it in. To down your cheese filled momo’s-you should order their chilled flavored shakes. I haven’t had a better Reese’s shake anywhere else. I recommend you go there on an empty stomach to enjoy their food as well as their shakes.

Café Swotha

If you’re looking for great architecture, a tiny garden and superb service with exciting food, this is it. Hidden in the lanes of Durbar Square, Café Swotha serves Nepali and International cuisine.  Try the mezze plate and surprise your taste buds with their unique style of cooking.

Bliss Raw Café and Garden

They have a rotating menu and everything they make is made fresh from scratch.  Their paper rice wraps served with a salsa and grilled vegetables along with a super food smoothie is something to savor. Wind off your meal with a chia seed pudding. One of my best finds in Kathmandu.

Healthy eaters


How would you like to start a Saturday morning with a toasted BEC (Bacon, eggs and cheese) sandwich? Or a mid-day pulled pork barbeque bagel sandwich?

French Bakery

Want to get off the local menu and try something international? Ask for the chicken Saltimbocca. Its pan roasted, thin slices of chicken breast tap bacon, served with sautéed greens and lemon with butter cappers sauce. It tastes divine and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. They also do wraps, pizzas, spaghettis and salad.

BuKeba The Organic Village Café

Their buckwheat and spinach pancakes stuffed with flambéed mushrooms and a zesty mozzarella sauce will leave you wanting more without feeling guilty. The gazebo style seating will win your over your heart.

Rickshaw Café and Juice Bar

This cute courtyard café’s English breakfast is quite a crowd pleaser. Spinach and feta surprise you in your hash browns. They open as early as 7:30 am and have the friendliest staff.


Go to Curilo for some truffle pizza. It looks as good as it tastes. This café has an amazing vibe and music. Finish your meal with their most talked about apple crumble. It's warm and gooey and is topped with ice cream. Sounds like a perfect lunch.

Sweet tooth

Coco waffle Restaurant

Tried getting abs all summer? Now try food with abs. Their Churro Waffle is highly recommended. Crisp waffles drizzled with sugar, cinnamon and chocolate sauce topped with an enormous scoop of vanilla ice cream. They also do savory waffles but then who would say no to sugar, right? If you go there really hungry, call for their fried rice first. It is served with a chilly dipping sauce and the first bite will make you feel like you’re in paradise.

European bakery

Their cheesecakes are always fresh and yum. They have recently started doing a blueberry cheesecake. Their bakery menu is vast and the staff so sweet. They do fresh milkshakes and different flavored mousse as well. You’ll never leave European Bakery without at least a thousand calories in your bag.

Imago Dei

Their cheesecake is the talk of the town. You’ll always get a piece with beautiful texture, delightful crust and a creamy aftermath that will tease and dazzle your taste buds. Their chocolate brownies are divine. They steam their brownies and serve it with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

Lakuri Café

Go to Lakuri Café for tea and their freshly baked lemon meringue cake. They never make their bakery items in huge portions. So get there early during the day if you really want cake. Their carrot cakes are delicious as well.

Timro Concept Store

Think local coffee and a homemade mocha pie for breakfast or a crème cheese bagel with a refreshing lemonade. Their bakery items are all homemade and local.


Wine- Dine lovers

Krishnarpan at Dwarika’s Hotel

Indulge in a 9-course Nepali meal with a loved one. A slow dining experience prepared with vegetables grown at Dwarika’s own farms. The course consists of buckwheat pancakes, chickpea lentil, momo, a set main course followed by two desserts and ends with tea or coffee. Dining here is an escapade.

Chez Caroline

This is the ideal place for a perfect date. Start your meal with their complimentary assorted breadbasket. Their salads and desserts are the finest you’ll get in Kathmandu. Their Napa cabbage and apple salad with Camembert salad should be on your list of food to try in Kathmandu. Shredded cabbage and ripe apples are cooked and combined with toasted walnuts and mixed with cheese. It tastes like winter in a bite.

Kaiser Café

A peaceful and relaxed dining experience is what you will get at Kaiser Café. They have a range of traditional Austrian cuisine and the best Viennese coffee in town.  Enjoy the Wiener schnitzel, an all time favorite at the European- inspired architecture of Garden of Dreams. It is pork served with seasonal vegetables and a warm potato salad. They do have a vast menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Le Sherpa

Le Sherpa is one of the best places to go for fine-dining in Kathmandu. Enjoy contemporary European cuisine in a luxurious yet simple setting of this restaurant that extends to a lovely courtyard. Order their exceptional pork belly in wine sauce with a red wine to go with it.

The Vesper House

Vesper House has an extensive menu of pizza and wine; an ideal place for the perfect date night. Select your wine from their wine room and order the bacon, spinach and garlic pizza. Vegetarians should not miss out on their pizza pesto topped with tomatoes and black olives. You can of course customize your pizza according to the toppings you like.

Give your tastebuds something new

La Casita De Boudhanath

Want a great view with amazing food? Ask for a Spanish omelet, cheese and some wine. Wind off your meal with some churros and hot dipping sauce. You’ll come back wanting more.

Pho 99

Your to-go place for a hot bowl of Pho. Order their Special Pho, which has rice noodles, shredded beef, chicken, shrimp, fish, green onions and coriander in simmered and savory chicken broth along with a side order of fried prawns. The Vietnamese food served here is of international quality with fresh ingredients.

Hotel Kaze Durbar

You will be surprised by their Japanese food menu. It is authentic and full of goodness. Order a chicken teriyaki set which has sliced and beautifully glazed chicken on a bed of rice served with miso soup, prawn tempura, a salad, some vegetables and pickled radish. For vegetarians I would recommend the tofu stuffed with spring onions set. Your taste buds are definitely going to leave you wanting for more after a visit here.

Yin Yang

They have an extensive menu of Thai and Nepali cuisine. Yin Yang does the best Som Tam salad and Pad Thai noodles. A must visit place for Thai food lovers.

Bota Simply Mo:Mo

Are you a lover of different achaars to go with your momos? Bota is the place to be. They have a menu with such variety that you will have to make more than one visit. For your first visit, go for the crispy crunchy momo from their menu and try all eight achaars they have. Also try their Khaja set.

Comfort food

Burger Shack

Go for a Bacon and chicken burger with a barbeque sauce and onion with a grilled chicken patty and bacon.  You can ask them to customize your order and add extra toppings. A side order of onion rings and a milk shake will put an end to your worries for the day.

Workshop Café

Try their burritos once, and you will get addicted. You can choose how spicy you want it with the fillings inside. A monstrous quantity of fillings and dipping sauce will literally fill you up.

Everest Momo

Nothing screams comfort like a hot plate of jhol momos. Their buff momos are extremely popular among locals and a must visit for every traveler to Kathmandu.  You may have to wait a while, but then the wait is worth it!

Café Soma

For lovers of breakfast any time of the day, Café Soma is the best place in town to get some Eggs Benedict. The eggs are poached to perfection, the bacon always crisp and a generous serving of hollandaise sauce. And if that doesn’t fill you up enough, order one of their huge burgers served with fries on the side.

Chikusa Café

Don’t a honey, banana and peanut butter sandwich sound like nirvana? Well, Chikusa Café is all about comfort sandwiches. And they are known for their reasonably priced Nepali coffee. They also have an amazing collection of tea.

Staff Picks

Favorite Momo Dish: Spinach and Feta Momo with Rosti, Lhakpa’s Chulo

(Shivangi Bansal, Staff Writer – ECS Nepal)                                               

I love the spinach and feta momo’s of Lakhpa’s Chulo and also their rosti. The rosti is served with a creamy mushroom sauce and a side salad and their spinach momos with a dipping sauce. The ambience compliments the food and is perfect for brunch.

Favorite Japanese Dish: Ishikari Salmon Hot Pot (Ishikari Nabe), Koto, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

(Kashu Dhakhwa, Manager – Operations)

I am a seafood fan, and a salmon lover, so when I was introduced to Ishikari Nabe, it was like I had met my soul food. The amazing vegetables used like potato, cabbage, green onions and tofu go perfectly well with the salmon. The broth which is as good as miso soup makes it even more appetizing. It is a healthy dish and a perfect example of comfort food for a cold rainy day. But if you are crazy about salmon, you will crave for it even on a hot summery day!

Favorite Side Dish for Beer: Lemon Chicken, Wicked Spoon, Fork and Rock, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

(Dibesh Dangol, Editorial Coordinator - Living)

Although the dish is considered a main course by Wicked Spoon, Fork and Rock, I think Lemon Chicken is a great companion for a glass/bottle of chilled beer. The dish looks fresh and is beautifully presented. There are many sub-side dishes within this side dish: thin slices of lemon wedged between each slice of chicken keeping the chicken moist and giving a zesty taste, fries with grated cheese on top and fried spaghetti to munch on, and a fresh and healthy salad on the side of the plate which Wicked Spoon recommended me to have with the slice of chicken and lemon and I simply loved it. Even though you are savoring a beer or other alcoholic beverages, the tanginess of this dish will keep your hangover in check.

Favorite Thai Dish: Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai (Green Curry with Chicken), Yin Yang Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu

(Amar B. Shrestha, Writer and Copy Editor - ECS Nepal and Fr!day)

I love the outdoor seating in the garden area, with the open kitchen right in front. Ying Yang is famous for its Thai cuisine, which is prepared by expert Thai Chef Fi-Dang. It is a joy seeing her mixing all those exotic ingredients, some of which are from Thailand, in a big ceramic mortar and pestle. She puts her heart into this work, because this is the very foundation of her fantastic cuisine, some outstanding examples of which are Pad Thai, the national dish of Thailand, Tom Yam Koong, a really reinvigorating soup with prawn and other ingredients, Som Tum, a tongue tingling salad, and Chicken Satay, grilled chicken that’s tender and tastes all the better with its creamy peanut sauce.

Then, there’s Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai (Green Curry with Chicken) that’s cooked in coconut milk, and which is best eaten with steamed Thai fragrant rice. Oh yes, Thai cuisine has a special place in the world of international cuisine, and I love it, especially at Yin Yang, where you are surrounded by all that appetizing aroma wafting out of that kitchen. It certainly enhances the whole dining experience!

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake, Imago Dei, Nagpokhari, Naxal, Kathmandu

(Svasti Garg, Staff Writer – Fr!day)

If you love cheesecakes, then the one served in Imago-Dei is one of the best I have ever eaten. It has a velvety and creamy texture that will melt in your mouth. The flavors are well balanced and it has the perfect amount of sweetness. So the next time you have dessert cravings this is a must have. It’s a generous slice of yumminess that will leave you craving for more.

Favorite Newari Dish: Bara, Sankhu, Kathmandu

(Dinesh Rai, Copy Editor - Living)

I have had mixed bara in many places around Kathmandu valley but besides Kwacha in Patan which everyone knows by now, I love the bara in Sankhu. It has both meat and egg and best enjoyed with some meat curry sauce. My favorite place is the last eatery in town after you enter from the first gate. It is literally the last stop before leaving Sankhu. I ask the sauni to make it a large which means it consists of two mixed baras. And what she makes is delicious and looks good too.

Favorite Breakfast Dish: Eggs Soma, Café Soma, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

(Sonu Khadka, Business Development Executive)

Any good day starts with a good breakfast and this dish is just perfect. Egg Soma is a modified version of Egg Benedict, where they use harsh brown bread instead of the bun, sandwiched with the salmon and spinach and topped up with a poached egg and shiny hollandaise sauce. Rich in protein and other energy sources, this dish is fulfilling and mouth watering that you can never get enough of.

Favorite Indian Dish: Chicken Biryani, The Tulip, Sanepa, Lalitpur

(Umesh Basnet, Senior Photographer)

I am not keen on having oily food but biryani is my favorite dish. The chicken biryani at Tulip is not oily at all and is full of flavors. But above all, the raita served with the chicken biryani is what I love the most about the dish.

Favorite Main Course Dish: Pork Chop, Mul Chowk Restaurant, Baber Mahal Revisited, Kathmandu

(Amar D Rai, Photographer)

What I like about the pork chop of Mul Chowk Restaurant is that you get the smoky taste of the meat from the outer meat of the dish whereas the meat inside the dish is tender and juicy. The gravy really complements the dish well and the mashed potato used as a pretty side dish is yummy.

Favorite American Dish: Chicken Sizzler, Sam’s One Tree Café, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

(Anisha Shakya, Business Development Executive - Living)

The first thing I check when I have a sizzler at any restaurant is the sauce. The sauce is responsible for binding the sizzler as a whole dish, and at Sam’s One Tree Café the sauce does all the magic. They don’t believe in the theatrical entrance of the sizzler like other restaurants. Instead, the sauce and the platter are brought separately at your table, you can pour the sauce according to your needs and then the sizzling magic happens. The sauce is full of flavors, you get the taste of the various ingredients and they are perfectly balanced.