A good classic cocktail is irreplaceable, but with a little imagination one is able to create fun new derivatives from them.


Mango Margarita

A variation of this classic concoction of tequila, triple sec and lemon juice comes with the addition of sweet and delectable mango cubes, bringing a slight sweetness to the drink. Served in a classic margarita glass with its rim coated in salt, the sweetened Mango Margarita brings a new flavor this summer.


Strawberry Daiquiri

When you think of Daiquiri, you visualize the classic yellow blend of rum, citrus juice and sugar served in a cocktail glass. In this variation of the classic cocktail we are all familiar with and love so much, along with citrus, the addition of delicious, fresh and sweet strawberry pieces and a dash of strawberry syrup gives it a tangy sweet and sour taste.


Cucumber Mojito

The refreshing Mojito, a staple cocktail for the summer with its combination of mint and rum to liven up the drowsy, hot day comes with a hint of cucumber in this twist of the classic Mojito. The addition of cucumber syrup and cucumber bring a mellow coolness to the flavor of mint and rum, turning it into something very refreshing.


Product:Shangri-la Hotel & Resort, Kathmandu