Good Food complements the Great Ambience at Warehouse Café

With a warehouse-like décor, Warehouse Café is one of those places that look self-effacing from the outside. But once you’ve stepped inside, the breathtaking atmosphere stirs your very soul. 

Located at Hattisar Chowk, Warehouse Café is a quiet and soothing eatery in the heart of the city, where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. What catches your attention as you enter is the spectacular interior. Everything from the floor and ceiling to the furniture is chaotically modified as a vehicle warehouse, where the various motifs represent vehicle parts. With a tranquil ambience, accompanied by Bollywood music and delicious food, it has a very warm, cozy vibe. Painted all in brown, with antique fluorescent bulbs, the restaurant has both dining facilities and a bar. Dipesh Maharjan, the Operations Manager tells us, “We focus more on family dinners and try to create a personalized private dining experience for our customers, paying attention to every detail from menu selection to themes.”

We were given a taste of their Warehouse Special Mocktail that consisted of a bit of sweet lime with lemon chunks, mint leaves, and sugar syrup all flawlessly mixed in a special mocktail. It had a hint of peach flavor, with the homemade pineapple, orange apple, and cranberry syrup blending with a layer of Sprite. Simplicity is the key to this incredibly easy and refreshing mocktail which is perfect for a sunny day; it is chilling, smooth, and totally alcohol-free.


We were then offered Potato Cutlet, a delicious combination of mashed potatoes and green peas. This unique cutlet was shallow-fried in a little amount of oil with a yummy mix of soft potatoes, green peas, and flavorful Indian spices. Served with ketchup and tangy mayonnaise, it is all the more mouth-watering due to the addition of coriander leaves, chopped onions, salt, pepper, and green chilies. Undoubtedly, it makes for a scrumptious breakfast that is absolutely filling.

Next to arrive on the table was Paneer Chili. This melt-in-your-mouth flavored Indian dish was served as an appetizer, though it could also be served as a snack or a side to a main course. The deep-fried, marinated paneer cubes served with soya sauce can be an excellent choice for all vegans looking for a hot, spicy, tangy, and lip-smacking kind of food. The absorbed and amalgamated Indian flavors with chopped capsicum, tomato, and chili peppers made it somewhat of an Indo-Chinese dish, and is quite appealing.

One of their special dishes is Samyang Korean Ramen Noodles. These noodles are best suited for those who love super-spicy-hot food, but it was served with moderate spice at my request, and it was really yummy, and filling as well. The use of scallions, spring onions, Welsh onions, paak choy, and garlic chives with thinly-sliced Chinese cabbage and carrots added more flavor to the dish. I would suggest it for all those who love hot and picante dishes.


The last dish to arrive was Veg Biryani. It was the perfect light biryani, loaded with vegetables, and mildly spiced up. This dish, with soya beans, cashew, beans, carrot, and cardamom on aromatic rice, can make a perfect meal for your hubby or lunch for your kid. Served with raita and papadum, the biryani has wholesome flavors of several healthy vegetables. Basmati rice layered with quickly-made vegetables in tomato-based gravy, the biryani was subtler in taste than others I have tasted; the yellow rice is flecked with white grains. Chef  Ishwor Magar who is an old hand in making biryani, says, “I am pleased when people praise my biryani, and I make sure that my biryani also gets tastier with every compliment!”

Warehouse Café specializes in a menu of Asian-inspired eats and comfort food. It boasts an eclectic décor that includes chandeliers and a hodgepodge of vintage furniture that give it a really relaxing atmosphere, ideal for an enjoyable weekend with the family or a meal with partners or friends.