The weekend is the perfect time to do something different, take a break from routine and give oneself a new and wonderful treat.

In today’s world of hectic schedules, where we may be spending mornings in college, the day time at work and evenings with friends, we hardly have time for ourselves. Getting bored with this daily routine is nothing new. So, the weekend is the only time when we get to relax, and turning that into quality time is all in our own hands. The weekend is the perfect time to get rid of that regular cooking routine, the usual taste, and treat your taste buds to something new and wonderful. Well, these two cafes, Café Soma in Jhamsikhel and Bodhi & Books in Dhumbarahi within Kathmandu valley, offer a variety of meals that will give you the feeling of a trip around Europe and back!

Studies have shown that a powerful and fulfilling breakfast will keep you energetic and satisfied right through the day. A good and heavy breakfast is what you need to kick-start your weekend with full vigour and recharge while giving you the taste that you’ve been longing for.

If you’re a book worm and plan to spend the weekend catching up with some good reads, these two places are your cup of tea, or in this case, your plate of good breakfast! The mini book station and the marvellous collection these cafes offer you go perfectly well with the thoughtful lighting and overall ambience.

English Breakfast
This is just the perfect plate to satisfy all your hunger needs at Bodhi and Books. With a generous amount of slightly sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes, this plate contains sausage, baked beans, bacon, omelette, hash browns, toast with butter and jam, to go with any drink of your choice. This dish is the perfect combo to start a wonderful weekend and get ready for the day. Visit Bodhi Books and Bakes to delight yourself.

Egg Soma
Try this dish once, and you will never be able to say “No” ever again if offered one. The crispy hash brown cakes filled with salmon and spinach in the middle and topped with a sunny side up with the final touch of the creamy yellow sauce made of yolk and butter can make anyone’s day. Egg Soma, is a modified recipe of Eggs Benedict, with hash browns instead of English muffins; a perfect combination of elements for a powerful beginning to a new day.

American Pancake
Looking for a healthier angle to start your day off? Try the American pancake at Café Soma, served with maple syrup, yogurt and a seasonal fruit on the side. The spongy and fluffy pancakes, dipped into the maple syrup with a touch of yogurt on top, can make you want to gobble it up all at once. While pancakes are at their best when they are hot, try taking some time to get lost in its flavor. Visit Cafe Soma for both palates, Egg Soma & the pancakes.