Alpha 7 RII: A Camera like No Other

A Photographer’s Dream Come True


Sony has done a splendid job with the A7 RII’s looks and its unbelievably fascinating features which are extraordinarily for any camera on the shelf.


Box Text:

Sensor: 42.4MP full-frame CMOS

ISO 100-102400 Autofocus Points 425

Dimensions 4.69* 2.74* 1.50 in, 625gm(with battery and media)

Price: Rs 3,17,000 (inclusive of VAT)


What You See is What You Get

A7 RII has the world’s first 35mm full frame CMOS Sensor with back illuminated structure, which gives an exact depiction of the picture from your LCD or viewfinder in your final image. The resemblance is quite uncanny and also very hard to believe, as it has not been featured in any other camera in the market. Any change in ISO, shutter speed or aperture settings made by the user can immediately be seen in the LCD and the viewfinder allowing the user to see what the final photo will look like even before the shutter release button is pressed.


Absolute Silence

‘Silent Shooting’ features an electronic shutter that causes no vibration or sound. Now, this feature can enable photographers to click as many pictures during important events like the President’s speech or even capture the most candid and natural looks of a model or capture wildlife without causing any disturbances to either the ambience or the subject.


Charged by a Power Bank

This feature is especially very efficient and effective for trekkers or photographers who need to travel to places where there is no electricity.  This also comes as a relief to long hour shooters who constantly need to charge their battery. This feature enables photographers to travel light without the need of carrying extra batteries. (Saves a lot of money too.)


Customizable Buttons

Now, you can save four of your favorite features on the go without having to browse through all the menus.



With the FAST Hybrid AF with399 focal plane phase-detection AF coverage has brought mirrorless focusing to another level. The exceptional feature offered in this camera is Manual Focus Assist, which is actually quite astounding. This machine aided manual focusing comes in handy for shooters using manual focus lenses and for cases where sharp focus is quite critical – like macro photography or portraiture where the eyes need to be in perfect focus. This has not been seen in any other camera.



Equally good for videos

The a7rII shines equally well when it comes to shooting videos. Equipped with a sensor that can shoot 4K videos in super 35mm format with full pixel readout and no pixel binning, the camera can capture 6K equivalent of video data and down sample it to 4K for brilliant details and sharpness. A7 RII also features picture profiles including Slog-2, which allows for better detail retention in extreme lighting conditions along with color grading.


Some other flabbergasting features that the A7 RII has brought to the market are Enhanced Eye AF also available in AF-C focus mode that automatically detects and tracks an eye of even a moving subject for more framing freedom, built-in 5-axis Image Stabilizer, Built-in Wi-Fi, compatibility to mount any lens in the market using an adapter, add new functions and capabilities to your camera through Sony’s application download service and much more.


Available at Sony Centres in Kantipath, Labim Mall (2nd floor) and Jawalakhel.

It comes with official warranty and SONY also provides free photography training and conducts special sessions to help customers get the most out of their camera.