We can all benefit from keeping a close watch on our training by using technology. Whether that's to track data such as calories burned, distance moved and new personal achievements, or simply to make a workout more enjoyable. Or bearable by removing or reducing the boring workout schedules many people have to deal with.

There's plenty of tech out there to enhance your workout experience, suggesting training routines and exercises, and pulling your data into one place to guarantee optimum efficiency. But with a huge variety of such devices in the market, it is difficult for people unfamiliar with technology to single out a viable investment. So, here’s a rundown of five techs to take to the gym - or any type of exercise for that matter, even concerning sports, so that you’re suitably kitted out for any workout and any other activity which requires physical effort.

Bose sound sport wireless headphone

sWhether it is a 10 km hike or a 100 m sprint or even a daily two hour grind at the nearest gym, not all such fitness regimens offer beautiful scenery or a spark of adventure. What you can do while running through the mountains can be achieved in a few hours on the treadmill at home or at the gym. If you’re the type of fitness junky who likes the indoors without such scenery as an escape and deals with the boredom that follows by listening to music, then you should really give Bose’s sound sport headphones a shot. Now it’s true that many people enjoy listening to music while working out as it provides a different dynamism and spice to your monotonous regimen without compromising the privacy of other people working out in the same area. However, headphones and ear plugs do come at a price. Recently when I started going to the gym, playing music through wired earplugs became a risky business, especially while working with treadmills and weights. For example, during my second week of cardio, I was running at 18 km per hour and with fast electronic music plugged into my ears. When my wired earplugs got tangled with my arms and my phone dropped onto the treadmill sending it flying into a wall, it set me back Rs 5000 on screen damage. The advantage with the Bose headphone is that its wireless and fits into your ears and doesn’t come loose, meaning there’s no need to worry about disastrous tangles or even the sweat that drips from your head which would make any other earphone wire uncomfortably sticky. What’s more, you don’t have to use your phone to change songs as you can do this on the earpiece itself and yes it comes with a handy little portable charging dock so you won’t be left with dead headphones during a mid-squat or burpee. These headphones give the best standard, quality music as one would expect from Bose, known for world class sound. All these features don’t come cheap but if you’re looking for the best music system, few can rival this piece of tech. It also boasts an impressive standalone battery life of over 5 hours.

Fitbit watches and trackers

At one point of your fitness journey, the need to keep track of your daily progress comes into consideration especially when you want to know what steps you must take to improve your regimen. Many people like to set standard goals during their workouts such as the obligation to cover 5 km in 30 minutes on the treadmill or at least 10,000 steps per day. Smart watches have also come into the fray enabling you to keep track of the most minor details of your workout. All of you out there have definitely heard of fitbit which offers customers a whole range of high end, intermediate and low end products giving you the freedom to invest on a watch while you carefully consider your preferences or even your income if you’re still in school or college. Fitbit watches literally track everything from calories eaten, steps taken, calories burned, temperature, heart rate, cardio and of course, time. It will motivate you to complete your daily goals as you check into your progress and find out that you haven’t completed them. On average, these devices are comparatively more accurate than most of the other smart watches and fitness tracking competitors offering a maximum uncertainty of 10% which varies with each device. Some models of the watch such as the Fitbit charge 2 has the ability to integrate into your personal life. Of course, not everyone can set out 2 hours a day to work out on such tight schedules so this watch, with a small buzz will let you access any phone calls and messages with easy pairing to your personal cell and can decide to stop your workout in case some important work comes up. With a long lasting internal battery and a comfortable/sleek style, you can choose which Fitbit is well suited for you. Higher end Fitbit watches such as the flagship ionic, lets you store music and also acts as a wallet just in case you go for a run outdoors and wish to travel light, and sport nothing but a watch. The Fitbit community is one of the best things about Fitbit. In addition to being able to link with your friends, you can connect to various groups based on shared interests or health concerns such as hypertension or diabetes. Once you’re in a group, you can see recent posts people have made about their own fitness journeys, ask questions, receive tips, and chime in with your own advice and encouragements.


Amidst your grueling workout, many people tend to overlook the pre and post workout activities. Leaving out or blazing your way through pre-workout stretches will definitely come back to haunt you later, and you definitely don’t want to pull your hamstring in the middle of a run or pull your lateral muscle in the middle of a 100-pound squat. It is essential to stretch out your muscles and keep the blood flowing to reduce risk of injury and keep mind and body fresh before any workout and make sure your body recovers well after the workout to reduce the onset of fatigue. You could opt for the conventional stretches before a workout or an ice cold bath after one. However to take your pre and post workout game to the next level, the hypericevyper foam roller will definitely not disappoint. This advanced foam roller enhances your circulation and relaxes your muscles better than most of the other foam rolling tech out there. The special thing about this is its three speed technology which adjusts the speed of the foam roller according to user specifications. So instead of doing a manual roll that many fitness freaks despise, using an absolute beast of a machine such as the hypericevyper actually does all the work for you. Foam rolling is especially popular with sports athletes and track athletes. It aims to keep the body’s soft tissue loose and for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. Foam rolling has become extremely popular, with rollers now available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles to meet differing athlete’s demands. This thing packs some serious power and you won’t need a post workout massage any time soon with this machine. However, the vyper may not be the best for all of you gym goers. The hypericevyper is relatively portable but it’s heavier than regular rollers and is best fit to stay in your home or car instead of your gym bag. Overall, the Hypericevyper is a high quality foam roller that has various benefits over conventional ones. The added feature of vibration is very effective in loosening tight areas of the body and works like a charm when you want to target certain muscle groups. Even though purchasing this product is a big investment, the hypericevyper is worth the price given the time and effort it saves you, considering the long run.



Many gym goers aim for a better sculpted physique, larger biceps and rock hard abs. But mostly, people want to liberate themselves from that annoying layer of fat in their arms or abdomen which hides all of the muscle and all of the goods you would like to show off. In such cases, it is absolutely essential to take a close look at your body mass index as well as your muscle mass alongside your body fat percentage. The best device to evaluate these variables is the skulpt scanner if building muscle mass and keeping your body mass percentage in check is your major goal. This device is used to scan different areas of your body to assess fat percentage and to identify the relative strength of the muscles. Then, the Skulpt app which can be downloaded on ios or android can give you an in-depth analysis of your muscles and body fat, and give you targeted advice and programs on how to burn the fat and build your muscle strength in areas that need it, thus making this another great tool to invest in. Many people trying to lose weight do not keep tabs on their fat percentage and muscle mass which makes some of them look more buff after they try to reduce body fat. The skulpt scanner saves you from the possible downside of such an amateur mistake and lets you set out specific plans for specific body parts by measuring their muscle mass and body fat percentage. Most athletes boast a body fat percentage of 3 to 9 percent which compared to your average person is ridiculous. Though you don’t need to go to such extremes just to show you’re fit, this device definitely allows you to access intricate details of your body throughout your fitness journey. With minimized deviation in results, this product should definitely be in your gym bag the next time you go and exercise.

Abs and muscle toning belt

As winter approaches, the idea of staying put in one place hoping that some device can effortlessly help you lose your weight seems pretty realistic in modern day standards. The best results can be achieved by sheer will power and regularly grinding through workouts no matter what the situation may be. However there are some devices out there that may help you avoid this. Call it fraud or call it cheating, but ab and muscle toning belts that have recently become popular in the fitness and sports industry have been shown to tone your muscles and many people have reported reductions of waistlines as well as an increase in muscle definition. It sounds too good to be true and definitely a slap in the face to all the fitness freaks who have traditionally maintained their bodies in good shape but the crazy thing is that this device works. There are a lot of mixed opinions, but this technology has a lot of scientifically proven advantages such as its EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology and has become popular among athletes as well.  To achieve the best results, companies that manufacture belts such as Slendertone, continue to support users with a variety of training plans and recommend using the device for 30 minutes, five times a week over a four to six-week period. This device however can be used for more than just getting those rock hard abs that you have always desired. It also strengthens your core and improves your posture. It is designed to offer users all the fitness technology but in a much sleeker and discrete way, as it can be used while being worn under clothing. This also means that it’s super portable so you can take it wherever you go and use it while on holiday. Try on the pad and belt from Slendertone and you’ll find it’s easy to strap on. You just put on the three pads to the back of the belt and wrap it around your waist, making it cover your belly. Press the power button, select the intensity and you’re ready to go. Every few seconds it will send the EMS pulses through your core and you can gradually increase or decrease the intensity. It doesn’t hurt, although it can be quite uncomfortable if you set the level too high, which is something you get used to as your tolerance level increases with further use. This device is built for anyone who wants faster results with price varying with different manufacturers. Use this wisely and it will work wonders for you.