Car Shows You Should Watch

There is a dearth of car related shows on our national television networks but thanks to foreign networks and YouTube, we are able to watch some exciting car shows. They feature the latest cars undergoing road and track testing; some shows take the viewers on an adventurous ride while some give viewers information, tips and tricks about what customizing cars is all about. These shows never fail to entertain us one way or another.


Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride is not just about the amazing customization that is done in this show. If you don’t know about the show, here is a small plot that happens on every episode that might spike your interest in watching it. It begins with the introduction of the participant showing off his/her wrecked car and convincing MTV to pimp or customize their ride. Then Xzibit, a rapper and host of the show surprises the participant by arriving at his/her house, inspects the car and takes it for a makeover to a custom body shop (West Coast Customs or Galpin Auto Sports) where the customizing team tears down most components of the car and restructures it from scratch. The show ends when the newly pimped car is reunited with the participant, showing in detail the changes in the car and a dialogue “Thank you MTV for pimping my ride”. It’s the process of a car-makeover, the hard work and ideas that go into it, and the joy on the faces of participants after they see their new ride that makes the show a must watch.



BBC Top Gear

It’s true that none of the other car shows bring so much fun and entertainment in one show like BBC Top Gear. The show captures the audience by featuring all the exotic and latest models of cars that are or will be available in the market anytime soon. BBC Top Gear also takes viewers on an adventure through spectacular sceneries triggering the adventurous side of each person. The show also features crazy creations and extreme challenges between the hosts and featured celebrities. But the best part about Top Gear is the presentation. The hosts, the past hosts or the present ones, don’t fail to entertain us with their jokes and remarks. They pull each other’s legs and make hilarious comments about themselves. Although they are funny in many ways, when it comes to reviewing the vehicle, they don’t shy away from making harsh comments. Top Gear is fun to watch and can also be enjoyed by someone who is not really a car fanatic.



Counting Cars

When it comes to watching modern day insane modifications and customization, Counting Cars is the ultimate show. The show is all about daily activities at Count’s Kustoms which is an automobile restoration and customization company in Lag Vegas, Nevada owned by one of the cast members Danny Koker. Living up to the description of the company, the show revolves around the activities of Koker and his staff as they restore and modify classy automobiles and motorcycles into something that is completely out of the box or into what the customer has in mind. If they find a particularly classy vehicle, they buy it with little hesitation and transform it to its former glory with a classy paint job, re-done interiors, engine, wheels and other accessories. The opening narration tells you exactly what the show is all about; they gamble on cars, find them, fix them and sometimes add them to their own collection.


Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear was initially started as a replacement show for Top Gear in 2001 but was later cancelled by BBC. Then in 2002, the show debuted in the UK based ‘Channel 5’ without the huge audiences and production budget that BBC Top Gear enjoys, but the show still became a huge hit. Over the years, Fifth Gear has gotten better and better in terms of camera work and overall presentation of the show. The turning point of the show came when they decided to sideline the chatting  and became more focused on what the audience really wants from them: seeing amazing new cars being driven by the hosts and hearing their comments about them. Fifth Gear also showcases the popular British sense of humor and is quite enjoyable to watch.



Over Haulin’

Another resto-mod related show that is fun watching is Over Haulin’. The plot of the show begins when a friend or family member (the insider) nominates the owner of the car (the mark) that is to be “Overhauled”. Usually the car is old or run down and needs to be customized. That’s where the hosts comes in and obtain the car of the mark by tricking them. The hosts and “The A-Team” (mechanics of the custom body shop) already have the necessary details about the mark and his interests obtained from the insider and remodel the car according to it. Then “The A-Team” spends a week working on the car to turn it into a masterpiece which is revealed when the mark is reunited with his car. Although the show is similar to other restoration or customization shows, the suspense and surprise on the face of the vehicle owner when reunited with the made-over car is what makes this a really great show.