Anil Thaman, Managing Director of Captain Outdoors sits down with Svasti Garg to talk about his favorite gadgets.

What is it that you love about gadgets? 
Man is becoming lazier day by day and so am I (laughs). I love gadgets simply because they help us in our daily lives; they perform better than the average human. They have also become more portable and convenient to carry around.

What is your current favorite gadget?
I have two favorite gadgets. I recently came across HyperSound speakers. These are not your everyday speakers; they allow you to pinpoint the source and control the direction of sound. This is one revolutionary invention for every field as it helps target the sound or message to a specific audience. Another gadget that caught my attention is the Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen. While working on a few designs for various projects on my laptop, I was fascinated by the old English font. I wished I could create that font by myself. So I did some research and found out about these calligraphy pens. I bought some pens of various nib dimensions ranging from 1.5mm 
to 6mm. 

Which is the one gadget that you cannot live without?
I cannot function without my MacBook Pro. In fact, I spend more time with my MacBook than my wife (I think they resent each other). 

If any large tech company were to design your dream gadget what would it be?
It would definitely be in the shape of a mobile, which is interactive and would help me with my designing assignments. Also, it should be unbreakable!

What is the most expensive gadget that you own?
Well it’s not exactly a gadget but an accessory; a Rolex watch gifted by my father on my 10th grade. It reminds me of the hard work and effort that I have put in to stand where I am today.

What is your take on drones? 
Personally, I am against them because I feel that they are being misused by people. But I believe if they are used the right way then they are very helpful.

What are your thoughts on virtual reality? 
Virtual Reality is a very exciting piece of technology that helps to sensitize our minds. Most of the people get bored easily, hence VR is a way to distract and entertain. Again if used the right way, it can be amazing. But I personally believe that children should not use it a lot as it reduces their physical activities. There is a new company called Zebra that has come out with a new concept where a 2-Dimensional object can now be projected as a 3-D one. For example, it is very difficult to carry miniatures of buildings, as they are very delicate. What this groundbreaking piece of technology does is that it scans and prints that 2-D object and then you can see a 3-D version of it. I personally feel that we haven’t touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology

What are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence? 
They can break us! We humans have the capability to doubt and debate over various topics and sort out the difference. AI will only go in one unilateral direction. It is definitely scary but it has tremendous application in various fields and it will definitely be revolutionary.

Name one such innovation that has changed your life?
It is definitely connectivity. Connectivity has brought the world together. It is available to everyone. In the past to make calls we had to go to operators but now we have mobile phones. Without connectivity our gadgets are useless. I believe in the next few years, connectivity is going to develop even more!